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Sharing the why behind my rebrand to Everyday Edits.

I will share the details and the team behind the rebrand later (once I organize all my passwords. But, let me explain the why behind my blog rebrand.

The Why Behind My Blog Rebrand

It began with a telephone conversation with my sister in a parking lot at our tennis club. A friend asked me to sub for her for a daytime tennis match. It was a last-minute ask and I pulled up with paint primer on my elbow and ceiling paint on my baseball cap. And the backseat of my car had McDonald’s french fries squished between the car seats and buckles.

I was a lot of things, but I was not a trophy wife.

With three small kids and a new Realtor’s license (to help fund my husband’s start-up), I finished my phone call with my sister with, 

“Some days, I just want to be a trophy wife.”


I called it passion. Except, except that, I was increasingly uncomfortable with the blog name. I suspected the blog name, Not a Trophy Wife, was judgy with undertones.

But, I was not ready for a blog rebrand. So I danced around my thoughts and persevered thru my DSLR camera. I continued to work on my writing skills with the help of this great article from an unlikely author.



When I ramped up my real estate business, I knew I had an opportunity to marry the two: the creative side of the blog with the decor and staging ideas I share with buyers and sellers.

I shared my story and how I blended my Realtor life and my blog Everyday Edits when I was featured in this Denver magazine. 


It took me three years from those initial feelings of a blog rebrand to the actual decision to initiate the rebrand.

A trip to Haven placed me in a small blogging group with this lady as the leader.

But, this lady had just rebranded her blog. I followed up with her after the conference about my dilemma. Leslie was a great sounding board.


And, that is the why behind my blog rebrand. I was not the same person when I started my blog. I evolved as the thoughts and stages of my life evolved. It was time to edit me and my blog. Thank you for sticking with me! If you are new, welcome! I would love social media follows below. laura

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  1. Love the new look and new name, Laura. That is a GREAT article by Stephen King!! I am so guily of a lot of “don’ts.” Have a great weekend!

    1. Thank you Katie! Yes, I re-read that article all the time!
      Off to Ohio for last-minute, 27-hour college tours! laura

  2. Thanks for letting us know a little more about you. I always enjoy hearing peoples stories. I love the new name and look. Congrats!

    1. HI bonbon! Thank you for taking a moment to read it! xo laura

  3. I love the new name! It’s been over a month since I changed mine and I still have links to fix! Someday I’ll be finished…

  4. Love the rebrand! Attractive name and style. Far more YOU!

  5. Hello sweet friend. I know I told you before that I think this is a great direction to go. I just wanted to say yippee hurrah and way to go on the “official change post” xo

  6. We are always evolving, so it makes sense that your blog would, too. You choose a perfect new name, it’s elegant and suits you. Loved that Stephen King article, lots of truths!

    1. I keep that Stephen King article under my tablet for writing reminders!

      1. Hi Kim, Thanks for stopping by! I love that Stephen King tips article.
        xo laura

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