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How to Stay Connected to Adult Children

When I recently heard Maria Schriver mention something about how to stay connected to our children I knew I had a good idea. And, like most good ideas I forgot about this post. And, then I got an Amazon text alert and knew this alert was a fun example of how to stay connected to adult children.


Technically, I have two adult children; one lives and works in downtown Denver and my middle (my lefty) lives in Minnesota where he attends college.

But Amazon proves to be a fun way for us to stay connected as a family.

So here is how we roll in our family; a little bit of sarcasm, an occasional toss under the bus, lots of laughs, and a network of support from grandparents, aunts, uncles, and friends.

How to Stay Connected to Adult Children

Who in your family gets the automatic Amazon alerts? The ones where you are nowhere near an Amazon shopping cart, but a family member, with access to the account, just bought something on your Amazon account.

Do you know what I am talking about? At our house, my husband and I have an Amazon account tied to our credit card. Our adult children have their own accounts tied to their respective accounts or graduation gift card balances. One of my children always tells me when he charged a textbook to our master account because that falls under an educational expense.

Our daughter sometimes, accidentally, purchases throw pillows with pom pom trim on our account. And, then guess who bought her own set?

Recently, I received an Amazon alert that someone in the family purchased this product on Amazon (I get purchase alerts when our credit card is charged).

But when I saw the ship-to address I thought, “Oh, this is too good not to send a group text to the kid.

I knew my husband didn’t order this product. So I sent the following group text to the kids and Auntie Tricia because Auntie Tricia is the closest thing to their second mother.


And, that simple question generated two simultaneous group chats/texts through the evening. Everyone weighed-in- including Evan’s uncles and Auntie Tricia. She always has something to say.

And, without asking Evan a dozen questions about classes and mid-term results, we focused on a $13.95 Amazon purchase of facial cleanser and a bag of chips.

This is a pre-break out photo of Evan.


He is older and stronger as evidenced by this order that crossed over my alert messages.


If you have college + age kids, some of you might relate to this quandary. You know, when you really, really want to check in on your kids, but you have used up your phone call minutes from your weekly Sunday calls and it’s only Thursday. And, we all know Thursday is a big study day on campus. #wink #snarky #snarcasm.

So sometimes, I share our status updates with the kids.

You know, in case they are asking. Humor works very well with my kids and me. My husband learned this years ago.

Or, when their dad got pulled over twice inside seven days. Just so you know, “We are headed to church” was not well received by the police officer. Good news, he did not end up in jail decide the text message below.


It just takes a minute to share and it inadvertently gives mom assurances her kids are good. As long as mom is trending among her kids; I don’t mind if I get tossed under the bus with my adult children. Nothing makes me happier than my children’s laughter.

How do you stay connected to your adult children?

On another note, with time on our hands, this month here is a fun project to start. Check out this shortlist if you are looking for gift ideas for the adulting kids in your life. 

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  1. Laura… this is too funny. I also spilled coffee on my computer. The Mister found out and not through me. Best Buy called to verify the account for some reason. I had no clue. When the Mister got home, he asked what I did that day. I told him nothing. He said “that’s funny cause I got a call from Best Buy…” Busted! I also had a girl who will remain nameless (#1) who accidentally ordered “necessities” on our our dime too. She almost did it again when she realized we changed our password. Stay healthy.

    1. I love this Katie! I thought of you when I wrote this knowing you have two girls. My youngest ordered a Christmas tree in November because their dorm needed a little Christmas. I think you watched the McDonald’s Monopoly. That is what we look forward to every night… we are almost done! Stay healthy! laura

  2. This is awesome! We get those texts too sometimes when they order on our account. I love those pom pom pillows. Are you watching McMillions ? We were obsessed!

  3. giggle, I loved this post and although Tiffany ( she’ll be 40 May 18th) would have surely used Amazon ( if it had existed), “what, who me, oh yea me, I ordered it,” replies would surely have been heard. I guess I ducked the bullet on that one, LOL xo

    1. Ha! We have alot of fun with each other. I have a few other ideas to share too! Katherine, I think of you every time I use my Turkish hand towels from you store! I love them! hugs, laura

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