Just like me, my blog is a work in progress.

Hello! Welcome to my little cozy blog, Everyday Edits. My name is Laura and I live in the Denver metro area about 90 minutes from the mountains (without traffic). I thrive on staying busy with many titles and dreams. I am a mom, wife, entrepreneur, and content creator (blogger) at Everyday Edits.

I am a real estate broker and home decor blogger. I love to write contracts and home decor content and found a way to do both. Ironically, I am a homebody despite showing and touring properties for a living. I am a Type-A Virgo which is like a double dose of lists, schedules, projects, and reorganizing kitchen cabinets and drawers.

I love Homegoods, Pottery Barn, Trader Joe’s, and seasonal candles and garage sales. My day starts with coffee and my evenings end with a book. Welcome to Everyday Edits with tips, one-hour projects, seasonal ideas, and repurposed projects. If you love one-hour projects and recipes with less than eight ingredients this blog is for you!

Take a look around and maybe you will find that the everyday edits fill our lives and homes with memories and a fair amount of dust. Lean in… and never miss an opportunity to be kind. Please subscribe to the Weekend Edit. An easy breezy four-minute read delivered to your inbox on Saturday Mornings.

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“What I lack in talent I make up for in my personality.

I am the funny one.”