Just like me, this blog is a work in progress.

Hello! Welcome to my little cozy blog, Everyday Edits. My name is Laura and I live in the Denver metro area about 90 minutes from the mountains (without traffic). I am a real estate broker and home decor blogger. I love to write contracts and home decor content so I found a way to do both.


  • Do you feel like your r home decor is stuck in analysis paralysis? Me too!
  • If you were to draw your to-do list would it resemble the movements of a squirrel?
  • Well, we are going to have fun!
  • Welcome to Everyday Edits with tips, one-hour projects, seasonal ideas and repurposed projects. If you love one-hour projects and recipes with less than eight ingredients this blog is for you!

“I am the funny one.”

Valentine Roncalli in very valentine by Adriana Trigiani

My husband is routinely approached about his resemblance to Daniel Craig. One guy got out of his car and asked to get a photo with him. The entire time this was going down I was thinking why would Daniel Craig be in the suburbs in Colorado .. with me?

We have three adulting children that live in three states. Oh and none of them resemble Daniel Craig.

Take a look around and maybe you will find that the everyday edits fill our lives and homes with memories and a fair amount of dust. Lean in… and never miss an opportunity to be kind.