How to get rid of a mouse in the house


Mice could never be in a witness protection program. First, they have large families which makes it impossible to keep their stories straight. And, second mice always leave a trail of evidence. If you have found what you hope are chocolate sprinkles behind the garbage disposal motor this idea on how to get rid of mice is helpful.


Growing up, we had two gerbils. And that is the difference between these small rodents with long tails. Gerbils live a life of luxury in a gerbilarium with plant-based bedding. While the other scrappier distant rodent relatives live life outdoors and move to warmer quarters in the winter. Until …


Until they are spotted by the dog or a family member and then it is a situation. Because it is never just a mouse. Mice bring their extended family, with cousins and aunties. If they go undetected they can enjoy a Furr’s Cafeteria buffet in the pantry until …

one of the mice goes rogue and decides to explore outside the confines of a pantry or a basement.

How to get rid of a mouse in the house


We have had a few winters where the mice decided our basement was more fun than the rock wall. I tried several options and the sticky traps scarred me and my middle son. It was awful.

I stumbled onto this idea years ago. It is more humane than other options or our dogs catching one of them (not likely since Elliott is legally blind and will bark for 15 minutes at the grill in the backyard.


To demonstrate and for a fun Halloween craft, I found these vinyl mice for illustration purposes.

How to get rid of a mouse in the house

The supply list is easy and inexpensive.

  • paper bag with handles
  • mouse traps like these
  • bait (creamy peanut butter)
  • scissors


  1. Cut little doors on opposite (narrow) sides of the paper bag with handles.
  2. Load the trap with peanut butter and gently set into either end of the paper bag
  3. Place the bag (with mouse trap inside) where you found evidence of a mouse.

The paper bag with handles is what makes this more manageable because the expired rodent is in the brown paper bag (or gift bag).. And now you just pick up the bag (don’t look) and dispose in another bag and toss in the garbage bin.

I shared this idea with a lady I met in the seasonal aisle at Home Depot. She loved it- kind of like when I tell everyone about this similar incident with an army of ants. I love to solve problems so if you have a home-related issue please email me and maybe we can figure it out together!

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  1. I can’t believe I read the whole post. I hate dealing with mice. I wont’t even put those decorations up anymore because I swear they manifested real mice for me. lol! You have some good tips with that paper bag with handles!

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