this hack takes seconds to install and makes life a little easier… curious? 

Am I the last person on the planet to discover this light hack? It takes seconds, SECONDS, to install and a screwdriver is optional for installation.

Once the sun sets I can’t see anything without lights. I have tripped over more shoes, dogs and tennis balls in a dark hall or staircase.


One day my family is going to find me sprawled out in a hallway with a tennis ball off to the side with  Elliott and his side eye.

As a Realtor showing properties after 5 pm in the winter means stumbling to find the entry lights and hoping the lightbulbs in the stairwell work.



Wait until you see this motion-activated light in action. I installed it in our entry hall closet after this closet hack. I made a short video below to demonstrate! Or, you can watch in my youtube channel. I am up to five followers ;0)



Not only does this bright light turn on with movement it also turns off after inactivity.

I found these motion-activated lights at Home Depot across from the cleaning supplies. You can also buy it from your kitchen table here.

I thought what a great idea for cabinets, crawl spaces or entry closets.

It can be installed with a screwdriver (it comes with screws and no drywall anchors needed).


I have since purchased several from Home Depot and was thrilled that if you don’t want a long-term commitment with a motion activate light it includes double-sided tape to install or tiny little screws.

This motion detector light is the coolest thing since light timers. And as a Realtor and home blogger, this is a great option for vacant homes, under kitchen sinks and hall closets.

I am going to purchase these for my sellers to install in closets (buyers always open closets … even if it’s with gloves & bleach wipes this year).

Have you seen these motion-activated lights? Where do you use them?


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  1. Good morning, Laura. We had a couple of lights in our closets and they worked wonders! Have a great weekend.

  2. Just an FYI none of your pictures come through when I click on your blog. I can read the verbiage but none of the pictures show up, just blank spaces. Not sure if it is just me or what, but I click on your blog every day and nothing.

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