Can you feel it? The smell of fall? It finally stopped raining this summer in Colorado and now it is sticky hot for the last days of August.

The nights arrive earlier and a smidge cooler.  But it is hot during the day and I love this zero-calorie harvest pumpkin iced tea for my mid-afternoon refreshing  pick-me-up.

I need a mid-afternoon pick-me-up most days. In the winter it is hot tea and some days a cup of coffee.  But in the early days of fall leaves and before Pumpkin Spice Latte hops on the seasonal beverage train, I found a caffeinated tea with a hint of spice for those mid-day dips.


It is the perfect refresher for a hot afternoon. And it is so easy. I found this Celestial Seasonings iced tea at Kroger last fall.

It’s the pumpkin latte for iced tea. It is perfect for the dog days of summer and the  cooler days of fall.



  • Like any tea, you can make a single serving or a pitcher size beverage.
  • I like a single single serving in a larger glass and adding a cinnamon twist and orange or lemon depending on what I have in the house. I serve with heaps of ice.
  • It’s all about the ice for an iced tea.                                                                                                                 Some days I like to make it fancy and serve it up in a mason jar.

I just ordered these jars. One of my boys (an adulting young man) likes glasses like I do.

He came back from college in Ohio and started drinking water in a mason jar. I loved it! So of course, I ordered up a set of mason jars.

zero-calorie-pumpkin-harvest iced tea

Celestial Seasonings is based in Boulder, Colorado. Their address is on Sleepytime Lane. How cute is that? Oh and if you signup for their newsletter you receive a 10% discount on iced teas.


If you are trying to do this   

or this then add this to your zero-calorie habit.

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zero-calories-harvest-pumpkin-iced tea

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