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Hello, I am so excited to share how I made a winter wonderland in a Lantern.  holidays. Creating a winter wonderland in a lantern is like adding Lincoln Logs to the Barbie Dream  House.  You want to fill the space so you reach for Lincoln Logs or Pine needles to mimic a patio table or…

Hello, I am so excited to share how I made a winter wonderland in a Lantern.  holidays. Creating a winter wonderland in a lantern is like adding Lincoln Logs to the Barbie Dream  House.  You want to fill the space so you reach for Lincoln Logs or Pine needles to mimic a patio table or a snowy winter scene. But just like remodeling Barbie’s Dream House, I loved the creativity that goes into creating a winter scene using random, everyday items to create the illusion of a winter wonderland in a lantern. There is something magical about a snowy winter scene behind glass and metal trim that gives us all the feels of It’s a Wonderful Life on like Turner Classic Movies in December.
I think we can all agree the lights really make this holiday village. winter-wonderland-lantern


  • glass jar, vase, hurricane, lantern, or glass jars like these.
  • artificial snow 
  • fairy lights
  • small house images or greeting cards
  • I used a large lantern to fit some of my larger pieces. Like this cute little dollar, section finds from Target.

Winter Wonderland Lantern

Before I created this blustery scene I knew where I wanted to add the holiday village so I kinda prepped it with that in mind. I found this lantern at Target a few years ago and it is one of my favorite lanterns to decorate. Here is this year’s version.  lantern This black and gold-trimmed lantern made an appearance during the fall season too. Tip: I see the Magnolia brand decor popping up at Marshalls & Homegoods for 1/2 the price so you might find this lantern.  What I love about glass jars, vases or lanterns are the layers tucked inside. With every glance of the jar or lantern, we see a view or capture a feeling not seen or felt before.
I got creative with a few items like the fake snow. Last season  I donated plastic bags of snow because of the mess. I found a cozy alternative from this super fun project. What do you think? You guys I almost bailed on this challenge because I did not want to go out and buy the same fake snow I had donated last year. winter-wonderland-lantern My challenge was to work with what I had to force me to think outside the box to create a winter wonderland lantern when it was 75 degrees in Denver last week. I did not have bottle brush trees so I snipped a few branches from our Colorado pines. The fresh-cut branches smell so good. winter-wonderland-lantern
I looked for a card of a small town but I was totally drawn to this one I found online. Something about the lanterns along a snow-filled street just felt so homey to me. I attached a piece of packing material like this idea.  The cardboard propped up the print in the lantern.
I added these tea lights to the inside of the ceramic house. The light made it feel like a winter wonderland scene inside the lantern. I could not believe how much ambiance the light created. winter-wonderland-lantern winter-wonderland-lantern-featureThank you for stopping by Everyday Edits! Please continue the tour at Linda’s blog here. If you would like an easy breezy four-minute newsletter delivered to your inbox on Saturday mornings please subscribe to the Weekend Edit. You can sign up here. 

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  1. Laura, love the lantern. So smart to use greenery from outdoors. The card you used as inspiration is so pretty. Tea lights are great for adding a a lot of sparkle during the holidays. I know exactly what you mean about a quick change in weather.

    1. Thank you Laura! I was a little nervous about what others would think! Happy Day to you!

  2. I love that you used a lantern! Great idea! I’ve got several of those around here. I’ll have to give it a try! Thanks!

  3. I love that you used a lantern for your village. Such a great idea.

  4. I love your lantern vignette, Laura; great variation on the theme, and lanterns are so hot right now! I’m sure now that you saw some snowflakes, you’re getting in the mood more easily:)

  5. What a clever idea to use faux fur and a photo with your little town village/Christmas jar. I love this. Thanks so much for joining in. Pinned

  6. How clever and pretty Laura! I have never thought to use fur instead of snow. What a warm feel it gives your vignette! I think you created a diorama! The postcard really gives it a feeling of depth! And a feeling that you are on a street! Beautiful!

  7. Laura… using the lantern is a great idea, and the white house is so pretty… do you have a pic showing us the whole thing? I would love to see the complete project!

  8. Using a lantern was a great idea as was using faux fur for your snow. I love the tea light inside of the little house and the warm glow of light seen from the windows. I’ll take fresh pine any day faux! I agree with Julie, I also want to see your entire lantern.

    1. HI Paula I will add another photo I thought it was included! Ha!
      Give Sherman a hug from Chloe and Elliott!

  9. Great idea to use the fur, Laura! I think it’s great to swap in different textures like that as (less messy) alternatives to artificial snow. I can attest that the faux snow does seem to get everywhere! I have some of those same house lanterns from Target. I love them! You did a lovely job pulling it all together.

  10. I can’t wait to make another snowy scene after seeing your ideas! I love the fur and the real pine! I also love the snowy street print with lanterns! That is brilliant and beautiful!

  11. Amber Ferguson says:

    Laura I love your beautiful winter wonderland scene! The card with the lanterns and snowy houses is genius! So cute!

    So fun hopping with you! Happy fall and have a blessed Thanksgiving!

    1. Thank you Amber! Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving too! laura

  12. What a great idea Laura! I love the lantern photo inside the real lantern – really evocative! And your little lighted house is the perfect addition. The whole thing is so cozy! Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Thank you Barb for taking the time to comment! Happy Sunday! laura in Colorado

  13. Laura, I enjoyed the use of a lantern to display such a lovely Christmas scene. The card was a nice touch. Such fun hopping with you. Have a wonderful holiday season.

  14. Laura,
    Love how you styles this sweet lantern!! And I adore that fur!! So charming and tranquil!! Thanks so much for sharing!!

  15. I love the use of the card! Such good ideas, thank you!

  16. This looks great Laura. I love the idea of using a lantern and the fresh greenery is wonderful. The picture you chose is the quintessential winter wonderland. Fun touring with you today. Happy season! XO- MaryJo

  17. Hi, Laura; your little village lantern really captures the winter wonderland theme, with “furry snow” and all, lol!

  18. Calypso in the Country says:

    It’s so wintery and cozy! Great idea to use the lantern!

  19. Laura, your Winter Wonderland tray is lovely. Love the fur. We all need some snow. The little house and greenery is perfect. A fun tray to enjoy during the holidays.

  20. I LOVE how you used a lantern, Laura!! That black and white card is just beautiful. I reminds me of an old-fashioned Christmas movie! So fun hopping with you…happy Christmas!

  21. This is one of my favorites on the tour. Simple, striking, and just plain cute. I love the idea of incorporating a photo of street lamps as well as how you lit up the windows of your little white houses. Well done my blogging friend! Great hoping with you.

  22. Laura, the white house and the snow are perfection! So very pretty! Lovely hopping with you! Merry Christmas! Toodles, Kathryn

  23. It’s wonderful my friend. All in a lantern too, it’s beautifully creative. I love it all. Thank you for joining in the fun. Pinned! Hugs!!

  24. Laura, I love your lantern vignette. So sweet that the little house. That faux fur is awesome. That hint of greenery really sets off your arrangement. Merry Christmas, my friend.

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