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Winter decor is the Jan Brady of holidays. Winter is sandwiched between Nordic pine garland and bunnies. And if you live in Colorado, like me, we may not have serious snow until spring break. And by then you are ready to haul out the faux tulips! But I found an inexpensive solution for the winter months. With a little bit of pink and red for Valentine’s Day but not quite ready for carrot wreaths and Easter eggs. Take a look at my winter to spring Goodwill tray.


Many of you may remember the biggest score of my Goodwill life when I found this tray. It was nearly identical to this one from Pottery Barn. After an extended time in the kitchen, I relocated my Goodwill tray to the dining room.


I used what I had on hand. I cut (snapped) a few branches from our real Christmas tree.

Sidenote: I kept just the lights on our tree for three weeks after the holidays. I really, really enjoyed our tree more in January than all of December because of the stillness January brings.

With tree branches in hand, I snagged my go-to decor staple (metal bucket) and added the branches.

I snagged my go-to decor staple and added branches.

You may recognize this bucket from our fireplace remodel.

I found this bucket at either Home Depot or Ikea. It has layers of paint over it now.

I cleaned it up and then this winter after I cleared much of the contents from my counter I decided my Goodwill tray was ready to be relocated to the dining room. I bought this charger at this Knoxville store (and two smaller ones). I use these and the ones my brother-in-law chopped down on a visit to Tennessee.

Next I add a little bit of pink and white filler pieces leftover from my Valentine’s cloche.

I made a copycat of the taller cloche and added it to the Goodwill tray. The pink gingham hearts are from Hobby Lobby (40% off this week) and I can’t remember where I found the snowball puffs.

how to add thrifty decor for Valentine's Day

It really is a winter to spring tray!

You guys, just don’t overthink it. Use what you have and when you find a decor staple you like buy a duplicate so you can create something on autopilot.

Thank you for stopping by today! I would love if you shared or pinned this winter-to-spring tray.

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