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This is the time of year when I start to think about switching things up before spring. Not the little things like candles and wreaths, but the big stuff like couches and desks.

My family knows I have a habit of moving furniture around (and the contents of my kitchen cabinets) on any given day. So it is no surprise I love to explore furniture layout ideas.

But sometimes I need a few fresh looks for room layout ideas. I love Pinterest and magazines, but honestly, my favorite place to look is online at my favorite home stores. The images are bright and uncluttered. There is no crease running down the center of the layout and I am not distracted by one hundred pins needling me on Pinterest.

free furniture layout ideas

If you are a regular visitor to Everyday Edits you know I love to look for decor ideas here.

I love walking into home stores and just taking it all in but this time of year my credit card is on life support and the weather is a bit frightful.

So the online versions of Pottery Barn or Crate & Barrel or Arhaus are great places to peruse with a cup of coffee or a glass of wine depending on the time of day. And it’s not that I shop at these higher-end brands but their online and print furniture layouts are so pretty!

And this time I am just looking for furniture layout ideas. I am struggling with a few rooms and furniture.


Sometimes you don’t know you don’t like something until you see an opportunity. I spend the majority of my day in my main floor home office. But sometimes, while waiting for a contract or a text from a first-time homebuyer, I get to look at my office’s current layout situation.

I have an oversized desk that I purchased years ago during Pottery Barn’s annual floor sample sale. It’s a little big for my office. It fights for space with this recently relocated hutch and the necessities like a printer, tablet, and an office chair.

Sidenote: I love my new office chair I found at World Market last fall. During our extended work from home orders, I used a 1999 office chair in the garage. Eight months later I needed to upgrade.

Okay back to my office. So I found a few images for inspiration on how to either configure my office. ! I love to share these inspo images from retailers. Every online or print image can be an inspiration for decor ideas, staging tips (Realtor life), a room’s layout, or holiday ideas!

Are you ready? Let’s go! Oh, and it’s fun and free to look!


My office has a large set of windows too. It’s where I saw the bear cubs playing in the snow and posted on my Instagram.

How to find free furniture layout inspiration.


If there is one furniture layout takeaway from Pottery Barn swag it is the placement of a tree or plant (real or fake) next to shelves, built-ins or hutches.


If you want to start with a simple change to your room’s layout do this one! If you don’t have a large tree try this plant hack.

How to find free furniture layout ideas.

When our youngest was home from college with remote classes. This small desk came in handy. I purchased it on sale at Pottery Barn and got a discount with this tip.

The desk faces this awkward niche in the living room. My son debated about switching it to take advantage of the views but decided a mountain view may be a bit of a distraction.

After seeing Pottery Barn’s desk layout in front of a window (seeing a theme) I may relocate the petite desk to another space. What do you think?


Okay, this idea may not fall under furniture layouts and might be a better fit on this list. This is my least favorite image for this layout inspo post but look at the column of photos to the right. This may be more of a decor idea, but it impacts the room’s layout if you want to center it next to a couch or hutch.


Here is where I am looking to add a column of photos! Either to the side of the fireplace remodel or on the opposite wall. Stay tuned! Here is the family room remodel if you are just stopping by for the first time at Everyday Edits.

I loved this fun alternative to the bench at the end of the bed. If you visit Pottery Barn you will see several different bench options.


Of course, I don’t think Elliott will go for an update to the classic bench!

I recently painted my dining hutch when it relocated to my office. The hutch is deep so it definitely impacts the room’s layout, but it has so much storage potential.

When I saw this hutch I got an idea for mine.

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Happy Day ! Laura in Colorado

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  1. Great tips! I remember the days of receiving the PB catalog in the mail. I LOVED those and would look through them over and over again until they were almost worn out. I’m off to check out their website now for ideas for my new home!


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