My dad has a habit of turning off light fixtures and lamps in every unoccupied room. He could not wrap his head around the concept of the comfort of an entry lamp by the front door. Looking back, it might explain why there is no such thing as too much soft lighting. But when the builder-grade light fixtures are starting to show their age (twenty years) it was time to update the builder-grade light fixtures.

Lighting has the unique function of making a statement in every room. It’s like wall to wall carpet, but it has magical powers to brighten a north-facing room or add a mood in the dining room for Sunday dinner.

And, who knew the $2.49 lightbulb is the real workhorse inside every light fixture or lamp. The light fixture just gets all the credit.

The Pottery Barn knockoff lamp does all the heavy lifting in our family room.


As a Realtor, there is a reason I tell our sellers to turn on the lights before a showing.

Updated light fixtures are popular inclusions for buyers and sellers to negotiate? Why? Because every buyer recognizes a light fixture upgrade.

Seller Tip: If you want to exclude your new light fixture remove it before the first showing.


We decided to purchase new light fixtures during our kitchen remodel last fall. We loved the wrought iron and wood accent light fixture we chose for above the kitchen sink so much we ordered an identical (larger) one for our two-story entryway.

When we removed the original light fixture we found a Nerf bullet from years ago. #memories.


We had a canned light above our sink before the remodel and no one ever said, “We love that canned light.” Now, the light fixture above the sink receives more comments than our appliances or cabinets (the most expensive parts of the remodel).


We ordered a metal open horizontal light fixture for above our remodeled kitchen island.


The year before we purchased this light fixture for the kitchen dining area. We found it at Crate & Barrel and ordered online. I loved the open feel of the chandelier above the kitchen table.


Finally, after we finished our kitchen and absorbed a few unintended expenses, we returned to our favorite lighting store in Denver and replaced our glass Pottery Barn light fixtures with something more in line with our kitchen and entry light fixtures.

It’s similar enough but the sales rep recommended a circular-shaped light fixture to go above our large rectangle-shaped dining table.

We absolutely love our upgraded light fixtures. We did not purchase these light fixtures all at once so we could manage our design plans and costs. .

The mixed-use of wood and metal light fixtures complimented our home beautifully.

I am not moving anytime soon, but I think the light fixtures are here to stay.

And, Dad, I will always leave a light on for you (to turn off when I am not looking).

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  1. These are all so beautiful! I think we should always upgrade builder’s lights!

  2. Tricia Becker says:

    So I’m guessing you’re not impressed with the fixture/ceiling fan look that we have. I don’t trust either one of us with anything having to do with plumbing or electricity.
    I want to move into your house! Please show the new Dutch door!

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