Do you Know What Cooking Oil Can Clean?

Before we get into this week’s tip I have to mention the only (other) things you need to know about me and cooking oil are:

  1. I buy the cheapest and smallest Canola oil option in the baking aisle
  2. The reason is not price, but I need it to fit in my baking-designated cabinet.
  3. My kitchen shelves are adjusted to accommodate my favorite Made in USA baking molds.

4. To store these baking pans, shaped like pumpkins and bundt cakes, I adjusted the size of my pantry staples. Yes, this is filed under first-world problems, but for those Virgos out there you know the struggle is real.

    As many of us know happy accidents make the best tips. When I cleaned out my post-holiday baking staples I had four tablespoons of Canola oil left in the 32ounce bottle. This tip solved two problems.

    After the holidays I like to give my baking pans and molds a good scrub. But someone dropped the ball when I discovered the baked-on remains of pumpkin spice batter in my mini bundt pans.

    I suspected the pans did not get a proper soak and scrub treatment after the holidays. This happens when you leave the dishes under the care of anyone watching football.


    It turns out cooking oil is not just for baking. Instead, cooking oil makes the best clean-up product for baked-on (burned) batter.

    How did I just discover this hotline-worthy tip? Where was this tip when I got stuck with the skillet with layers of baked grease and tater tots on Thursday nights minutes before the Cosby Show?

    With a test subject of a pumpkin-shaped cake mold and a paper towel. I greased the pan with cooking oil. With a washcloth, the pumpkin spice-baked cake batter remnants were wiped away.

    It was as if the Canola oil returned to the scene of the crime to clean up the evidence.

    Cooking oil is non-abrasive, and inexpensive. And it is shelf stable so it can hang in the baking cabinet or under the sink with the cleaning supplies.

    I would suggest using this tip immediately following the bundt cake dismount to make it easier to clean the baking pans and cake molds. Thank you for stopping by! Please share this tip for others to find! I would love it if you signed up for the Weekend Edit an easy breezy four-minute read delivered to your inbox on Saturday mornings!

    Am I the last to know? Please share your tips in the comments so I can add them to future Tuesday Tips here at Everyday Edits.

    PS NordicWare is a Made in the USA company. They are found at Williams-Sonoma, Costco (during the holidays) , Amazon and Walmart. Here are my favorites just make sure to grease the pan before you bake. Either way, we all need a bottle of cooking oil.

    Here is a holiday favorite breakfast recipe made with a bundt pan!


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