Was that Sound there Last Week?

Did our garage doors make that sound last week?

It was just a creak.


And then it was a creak with a subtle grinding sound when we opened or closed the garage doors.

Did it always make that sound? Or does it sound louder now that our furnace is not running 24/7?


However, the life a a Realtor means I am a little neurotic about checking on our


  • radon mitigation fan
  • sump pump
  • garage doors
  • electrical panel
  • fire hazards in the garage
  • attic for critter checks (squirrels can get into anything)
  • sewer scope (on the list before we landscape)
  • carbon monoxide (we have it wired and an alarm clock size detector near the bedrooms and lower level.

And we had new doors installed in 2021 and serviced last summer.

So as a real estate agent who routinely recommends garage door service providers, it is good practice. It also demonstrates routine maintenance to future buyers.

And there was that grinding sound.

The clackety-clack sounds like the roller coaster as it climbs to the top before it drops.

And there was Elliott.

I do not like to go under the garage door before it is in a full upright or closed position. Elliott, our Bernernese mountain dog, waits for the door to come to a complete stop before running in or outside.

I called our garage service company.

In great news, because of a scheduling mixup, the garage service technician arrived a day early.

It turns out the noises were “legit” and was an easy fix with a new bolt and tightened and oiled hinges.


However, it turns out one of the bolts was a smidge too small and over time caused the track to torque.

This is my nontechnical description. I don’t remember the specifics but he said it was good that we called and he replaced a bolt with a larger one appropriate for the size and weight of our oversized door.

He noted we had routine maintenance and reminded us when we hear a sound that we did not notice the week before, to call for a service check.

So that is today’s tip! Get your garage door serviced. Most service providers offer annual service discounts. Today’s visit for bolt replacement, hinge checks, cleaning and general service was $169.00. This is less than we spend at Costco while our two adulting “boys” are at home before they begin graduate school and first post-college jobs.

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