Today I am joining my blog friend Katherine and a group of decor bloggers for a summer tray blog hop to share ideas for a summer tray. Today I am sharing my summer lemon tree tray in my kitchen.

If you are stopping by from Cecilia and her blog My Thrift Store Addiction welcome to Everyday Edits. I am so excited to share my lemon theme tray in the kitchen.

I keep my trays simple in my kitchen because on any given day there could be a bag of Pepperidge Farms goldfish on the counter or a grocery list on a sticky note.



  • tray
  • lemon tree or plant
  • candle
  • candle pillar


Last fall I found a trio of platters at Costco. They were basic white rectangular-shaped platters for under $20. I planned on using them for food, but the 3rd tray provided me the chance to add my favorite faux lemon tree from Target.


I found the cutest chippy pillar candle at an antique store in Castle Rock. It was an easy way to elevate the candle next to my lemon tree. The chippy white finish was perfect with the serving tray.



If you are a reader at Everyday Edits you know I love this retailer for their candles and hand soaps. I love their shipping boxes just as much!

I added an Iced Lemon Pound Cake scented candle which completed the lemon tree summer tray.



I love the hand soaps at Trader Joes’s and cleaning products at Homegoods. I found this popular all-purpose, lemon-scented cleaner.

The unexpected surprise of my lemon tree kitchen tray was how the centerpiece motivated me to keep the kitchen clean. The tray was so pretty that I was quick to clear the empty glass on the counter or can opener nobody remembers to return to the drawer.

My kitchen looks brighter and cleaner with a pretty centerpiece! Maybe I should add one on the bathroom counter! Thanks for stopping by today! Please visit Debbie and her blog Debbie Dabble Blog.

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  1. LOVE your tray Laura – it’s so bright and fresh! I’d love to walk into my kitchen and see that, and smell the candle too! It’s great touring with you.

  2. Laura, I love the refreshing lemon theme you chose for your tray! I grinned when I read your unexpected benefit of having it in your kitchen, because I’ve experienced that feeling too! Although it doesn’t seem to affect anyone else in the house the same way lol.

  3. Hi Laura!
    Lemon-scented candles are the best. (I LOVE sugared lemon zest, lol!) Your lemon tree tray is absolutely lovely! Blessings, Cecilia @My Thrift Store Addiction

  4. I love lemons too Laura and your tray is lovely. You made me laugh that now you’re keeping your island clean because of the pretty tray. It’s so true. I totally understand. Always fun to share on these hops. XO- MarryJo

  5. Hi, Laura! What a charming lemon tray you have created; I especially like the candle pillar, and of course, the mini tree, with fruit and all!

  6. I love your faux lemon tree, it looks so real! Your tray brings Summer sunshine right into your kitchen! I bet the candle smells wonderful~ so pretty!

  7. Very pretty Laura. I bet that lemon pound cake candle smells heavenly. Love the candle holder too. So glad you found some wonderful trays at Costco. The lemon topiary is so pretty. A pleasure joining you on this blog tour.

    1. Hi Linda, It is a Bath & Body Candle and it is a new favorite! xo laura

  8. Your bight lemon tray is filled with summer sunshine. I love it! I had to giggle about it motivating you to clean though. Thank you for joining in the fun xo

  9. I love it Laura!!! Lemons are so bright and cheerful and perfect for summer! I wish I could grow a lemon tree here in Upstate New York so that I could have fresh lemons all year long! Loved hopping with you today 🙂

  10. Laura,
    Thanks so much for visiting! love your lemon tray! So fresh and charming!! Cute candle holder! Loved touring with you !

  11. Laura, your lemon tree tray stirs my senses. I can smell the fresh scent of lemon just reading this post. This is a great idea for a summer tray. Have a fun, cool summer! It’s nice to hop with you.

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