Hello! We all know how great it feels to sort and toss a dresser filled with 30 single socks looking for their match.

Think of this tip as speed dating but for organizing. And like speed dating you may dread this part but once you clear the clutter you can imagine new possibilities. You are your own personal organizer for all of your clutter.

What is the one thing you put off when cleaning or organizing a space?

Now break it down to a drawer or a shelf- a manageable space that will make you feel productive but not quite like a TikTok influencer.

Just something that you dread but you know it only takes 5 minutes and you will feel like you accomplished one task that you have put off for days, weeks, months.

If you are breaking into a sweat at choosing a cabinet, drawer, or pantry I have a few suggestions.


  1. Kitchen Junk Drawer
  2. Toss out old makeup
  3. Find 5 expired pantry items and toss
  4. Clean out the tray caddy in your car
  5. Clean out your medicine bin/drawer with that cough syrup that expired in 2017

I would love to hear what you organized in five minutes. I cleaned out the junk drawer in the above photo and I cleaned out the frozen ziplock bags with unknown substances in the fridge!

Thank you for stopping by today.

If you missed last week’s tip you can check it out here. If you have a great tip you would like me to share you can email me here.

But here’s the trick just pick one drawer, cabinet or dresser


This weekend I organized one drawer (okay three) but the one that made me feel so good was the drawer for the plastic food storage containers. When I was done I only had one top without a bottom glass container.

By cleaning out just the drawer I finished it in minutes and was able to switch the storage containers from a larger drawer to a smaller one. It is like a Christmas miracle when I find space in a closet or drawer.

You know how I feel about this closet organizer.

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