Okay, I am going off-topic today with a very important question to ask all of you. Like I really need some clarity on this hot top. Here it goes. How many of you wash your hair every day? Up until six months ago the thought of not washing my hair daily never occurred to me because why would I not wash my hair? But apparently, the choice to not wash one’s hair every day is a thing. I heard the chatter about the benefits of no-shampoo days. I asked my girlfriends and the wash vs. no-wash camps were split down the middle… like a  messy part. So where do you weigh in on the wash or wait hair days dilemma?

Ironically, on the days when I break a serious sweat (okay every day I break a sweat… I come from a family of sweaters- well except for my mother. Apparently, she does not sweat.

I totally went sideways with that sentence. Here’s a photo of my mom who was clearly rocking her hair back in the day, circa 1974 in Omaha.

Back to my sweat equity hair. After a workout, the sweat gives my hair a wavy, texture that I am unable to achieve with product. But, on my “no wash” days my hair feels icky. On the no-wash hair days I either use a shower cap or just pull my hair back. Once I had to use a Target plastic bag (on a no-wash hair day)  and my husband just said, “That’s a solid look…” #upcycletheplasticbags

So, he may not love this woman’s decision on how long to wait in between washing her hair.

On my no-wash days I try to hide under a baseball cap (like most of my photos), but baseball caps are a little too casual for showing property.


I have dry shampoos and tinted dry shampoo (which I like even on clean hair days because it adds volume). So ladies (and guys) where do you stand on these important Wash or Wait hair days? Please weigh in on this in the comments!!!

And, I would love your favorite product suggestions.

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  1. Such cute pics of you Laura. I used to wash my hair every day but no more. My hair looks better the days that I don’t wash it because it loses the frizz. Have a wonderful week, Laura.

    1. HI Katie, that seems to be the overwhelming opinion. My hair looks best when I wake up!! ha! laura

  2. I”m definitely in the no-wash category!! I only wash my hair every 5 days or so. It’s very dry and I like to hold on to my salon treatments as long as possible. My hair actually looks better the day after I wash it, never it’s best on wash day.

    1. Okay, so do you leave it uncovered in shower or cover it, Heather? Agree about the wash day; never my best look! ha laura

  3. I’m {much} older than you, but realize the benefits of no-wash days. One benefit is the time saved, and of course allowing the natural oils to work through the hair and scalp. Until I was 50, I washed daily as I had oily hair. Even though the smell of in-washed hair can be too much, I still go without that wash on in between days now that my hair is no longer oily. Gosh, I see people who would really benefit from washing at least a few times per week! Eeek! You look adorable in a baseball cap!

    1. Thank you Kathy! I know right, some people take it too far on the no-wash hair days! Eeek! I love a baseball cap! I would wear one to fancy parties if I could get away with it. Thank you for taking the time to weigh in on this pressing issue! wink laura

  4. mary scott says:

    My scalp suffers if I wash my hair daily, so I wash it every 2-3 days. And I have an oily scalp! (I use a shower capon no wash days.). My hair looks best after it’s freshly washed, as it has more volume — when I sleep on it overnight, it straightens/flattens. .

  5. acraftymix says:

    I’ve got this wild curly hair that frizzes when it smells water so I only wash my hair with shampoo every second week and have done for years. Shampoo tends to make my hair very dry and brittle. Fortunately I don’t have an oily scalp, if I did it would probably be a bit more often. I do spitz my hair with rose water and a teeny bit of witch hazel every third day to keep my scalp clean, but that’s about it. I suppose how often you wash is a personal choice, we’re all different and that’s what makes us special

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