Over the holidays, my daughter called me out on the growing collection of framed quotes on our walls. I think there is a Progressive commercial that may have prompted her to say something about the state of our walls and framed prints.

Can we all agree that our adulting children (or nieces, grandkids) can be honest in a way that should require a ten-second audio delay? Just so we have time to brace ourselves.

But my daughter made a great point. She usually does.

We lived in this house for eighteen years and our artwork includes family photos, high school grad pics and our kids’ masterpieces like the one I mentioned on my youtube channel.

After the holidays I checked out Homegoods, but Homegoods is a bit of a hit or miss. The framed prints are either the wrong size or the giraffe canvases do not work well in our Colorado home.

So I figured out a few simple ideas and hope they inspire you to add personality to your walls on a small budget.



I found these city maps on Etsy. I purchased three of them.

One for each of the cities my kids lived in during college and an extra print for our home state.

*The images were emailed electronically and I found a local printer.

* These images are pricey if you go to a print shop.

*But if you upload your images to Staples and call these oversized prints engineer prints you will save a ton of money!

You just have to add the word engineer in front of the word print.

I shared the details on how to print engineer prints.


After my daughter pointed out all of our choreographed family photos I decided to go through hundreds of family photos and find some fun ones (that were high enough resolution to print).

Here’s my strategy for this task:

  • Start with a Netflix or Pride & Prejudice with Colin Firth while you go through the boxes of photos, albums and images stored in the cloud.
  • Look for fun, spontaneous photos.
  • Save the professional photos for another wall/room.


My husband found this print shop on Etsy. We had one made for each of our dogs, Chloe and Elliott. We used this in our lower level for a more casual vibe.

The only suggestion I would make (as a Realtor) if go easy on pet prints or any motif.

How to add some conversation with  your wall art. Share your personality with wall art.


We had dinner with our oldest (longest) friends. Erin ordered coffee bean burlap bags for their coffee bar/station. Also known as the counter with the coffee maker.

The coffee bean bags from Mexico looked so good in crisp frames.

I might have to frame this Folger’s display for my coffee station.

When my son was in high school I hung a clean pizza box top in his room! It was from a local pizza place he and his friends would me at when “there was nothing to do.”

It was a fun way to add his personality to his room.


When we were shopping for these light fixtures I was surprised to find the store had framed art.

Some of it was heavy on Colorado themes (which I ended up buying a bear print), but until that afternoon I never thought to look for framed prints at a lighting store. They had a huge sale that included the print and the frame. Some of you may know Urban Lights

We also found another framed print on sale in Crested Butte at a home decor store.

My kids said I hit my limit for Rocky Mountain animals!

Speaking of bears. If you missed the Weekend Edit you can see the bear cubs video in our backyard.


My husband got a record player – I mean a turntable for Christmas. Years ago after we were married for maybe a month I donated boxes of his albums. It is only a matter of time before he buys one of his original albums (for a lot more money)!

I found these record album frames and added them to his now permanent home office.

lower level home office


The key to simple wall art is to make wall art a reflection of you, your family, or your interests.

Just like everything else, moderation is key.

Frame, print, copy or hang whatever interests you! The goal is to create a conversation or stir a memory that is tucked behind grocery lists and mulch madness.

Here is a funny one of the outtakes of me and my siblings.

Thank you for stopping by today!

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