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While surveying the chipped counters and leaky faucet while I brushed my teeth, I asked my husband to remind me how our kids got new bathroom makeovers before their parents? He mentioned budgets and the smaller bathrooms were easier to DIY than a master bath. Oh yes, I do remember that conversation. So today I want to share the crazy story of what happened to the new bathroom vanity.

By the time we had the cash to update the two upstairs bathrooms, the kids were basically on their way to college.

Over the course of a year and a half, we remodeled our daughter’s bedroom (guest room) bathroom and the boys’ bathroom. The total time commitment was just under eleven months but spaced out over a year and a half.

Sidenote: That last sentence gives me flashbacks to 5th-grade word problems. 

Wait until you see what happened to the bathroom vanity

We needed that window in between the two remodels to forget we swore we would never do a DIY bathroom remodel again.

Had I known an entire bathroom remodel, including timelines and budgets could be derailed by one vanity I would have stopped after the first bathroom.


The vanity was the major upgrade in our boys’ bathroom. It wasn’t like it was expensive it was just a reminder of what a difference a new vanity can make to an almost 20-year-old builder-grade dual vanity.

Before Bathroom Remodel Photo (Unfiltered)

New Bathroom Vanity

We were ahead of schedule when Wayfair arrived with this vanity, counter and two sinks inside one box.

The delivery crew hauled the box up four flight of stairs.

Only after the delivery crew left, did we pull the entire box off and discovered two broken sinks and the vanity was crushed on one end. #alwaysunpackbeforetruckleaves


No problem, Wayfair had a concierge service to manage returns and corrections. We waited an additional three weeks for the replacement vanity.

No big deal, right? We had other functioning bathrooms.

The only hassle was we now had a 72″ vanity in this space.

A few weeks later, we cheered when the Wayfair delivery truck pulled up to the house.

This time, the first thing we did was to check the contents of the box before the crew left.


Guess what happened on this second delivery?

The sinks were a no-show. Again, no problem. I made a quick call and Wayfair overnighted the sinks.

The crew hauled the new vanity up three flights of stairs and removed the damaged vanity from the top floor. We now had a new vanity + counter and just needed the sinks. #progress #firstworldprobs

The final frontier was to move the counter from our son’s bedroom to its final resting spot.

This is where the project went into, “You have got to be kidding me?”.

We removed the door trim to shove, push and pray the vanity into the space. It turned out the countertop was a 1/8″ too wide on both sides.

Father + Son Counter Moment

No worries. My husband was calm and had a solution in play. He asked our son to help move the counter to the garage to make a quick cut on both sides of the countertop. My husband ran down to set up the sawhorses and the wet saw in the garage.

My son’s only job was to wait for his dad to set up the sawhorses and the wet saw.

That’s it.

Evan could have scrolled through his phone. He could have practiced a mountain pose.

Except, except Evan decided to help his dad and slide the countertop down four flights of stairs to the garage. He is such a thoughtful young man. 


The countertop never had a chance.

The countertop hit the carpet like Frosty the Snowman down a steep hill on the first day of winter. The weight of the counter was too much for one person to hold onto and it landed on the landing after a brief joy ride down the first eight stairs.

Evan ran down to the garage to give his dad a heads up there was a slight problem with the countertop. I think he mentioned glue to his dad.


My husband ran upstairs and found the “yard sale” on the landing.

His dad told him in the big picture this was no big deal. It was a mistake and a lesson in physics.

And, we had a laugh about the glue repair suggestion.

We found a replacement counter at Home Depot. One of the things I love most about DIY projects are the teachable moments and life lessons. 

For the best decision, we made on this bathroom remodel, read this.

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  1. Oh my gosh! Glad you can laugh about it! I can’t wait to redo all of our baths!

    1. Thanks Heather! You know in the big picture the projects or plans that go off the rails make for better stories than the perfect projects! ha! laura

  2. Oh my gosh! I forgot about this! HILARIOUS and totally a Javier/Evan move! Thankfully, his mom and dad handle things very differently than his grandma and grandpa would have!

    I love both the boys’ and Ashley’s remodeled bathrooms. Wish y’all lived closer to K town and could show us how to do something handy other than replacing lightbulbs and painting walls (without taping, mind you).

    1. What is the status of your laundry line? I am going to start calling him Javier!

  3. oh my goodness, the patience and positivity overflows in this wonderful makever. Wait time, etc. I’m so happy the response to the broken counter was a positive teaching moment. It was sweet of him to try and help though. xox

    1. Thank you Katherine! He is such a good, funny young man. His dad just got such a kick out of the glue comment that he just could not be upset. And, the truth is Evan has seen his mama shove, slide and push many furniture pieces down/up a flight of stairs!

      Thank you for stopping by Katherine! xo laura

  4. Jayne McLeod says:

    Oh my goodness Laura … you’re telling of this story was beyond hilarious, you just had me laughin’ out loud with each sentence that you wrote and the pictures that followed had me fallin’ over …. please tell you’re husband that I am sorry for laughing so hard, because I do understand that it is a costly mistake BUT REALLY !!!!! WHO but a well-meaning son would think that sliding a heavy counter top down the stairs might actually work … you cannot make this stuff up, glue, really !! I am so happy that you all found the humor in it !! Thank you so much for the belly laughs !! Jayne

    1. Thank you Jayne! My husband will love that someone enjoyed the story! No, you cannot make this stuff up.

  5. I love a story with a happy ending. Your hubs is a calm man – my Mister would have burst a blood vessel. The new vanity looks great! Have a fab weekend!

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