I know what you are thinking. Laura shops at Marshall’s, who knew? It’s okay we all judge something or someone. I love Marshalls for their stationery and cleaning products. And it’s a great way to spend fifteen minutes between a dental cleaning and a house showing.

Marshalls is a commitment-free shopping experience. It also happens to be the bitter, older sister to HomeGoods, like Ferris Bueller’s older sister Jeannie.  I never thought to shop the furniture section. In the past, their furniture was either the George Jetson acrylic side tables or the faux wood hutch.

Just wait until you see this Marshalls furniture find.

It was right before the extended staycation was in place. My husband was on a ski trip and I had four days by myself. It was bliss and it is when I get projects done. This hutch caught my eye because of the stain and the weight. It had a ding on the back corner, but I ding furniture or any given Tuesday. And it was on clearance, like pre-Covid clearance.

I was on a high after I found these two club chairs from HomeGoods.

Sidenote: Those chairs are so comfortable and sturdy. We love them!

I grabbed the manager who was more than willing to help me shove this piece into the back of my car. And I got the scratch and dent discount.



The tricky part was hauling this from the car into the house (remember my boys were not home yet for their extended spring break and my husband was skiing in Crested Butte). Ladies and guys, where there is a will there is a way. Just sayin’. Seriously, I have some kind of super-strength adrenaline rush kick in when I need to get something from my car into the house. I mean forget Ninja Warrior.. let’s do a mom with four flights of stairs and a 47″ wide hutch.

This hutch fits perfectly in our home. I was surprised by how sturdy it was and functional. But like so many spontaneous purchases it can take a while to find the perfect spot.

It landed in my office where it stored pending craft projects, but I felt like it was too big for my office and was not working to its full potential.

Look at this space behind the two doors.


With a pending floor refinish we have to move all our furniture off the main level. With missing chairs and lightweight pieces (we are hiring movers to move our dining room table and couches down two flights of stairs), I decided this was the perfect time to play with this Marshall find.

The stain is so similar to our dining room table that I may move the buffet into a different space to make room for this discounted hutch.

Oh and you can shop here for the clock.

What do you think? Have you ever shopped for furniture at Marshalls?


Oh and here is one more furniture find in the restroom hallway at Pottery Barn.

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  1. SCORE! Great finds, my friend. I’ve only been to Marshalls a couple of times, for paper goods and the occasional dog toy. But, now I want to look at their furniture!
    We bought a leather recliner from Home Goods years ago. It still looks great and has served as my hubby’s “choffice” ( chair-office) for over a year now. xo

  2. Tricia M Becker says:

    That comment about Marshall’s beging the bitter, older sister to HomeGoods made me laugh out loud! So true! If it weren’t so far out (past Turkey Creek), I’d go there more often. I’m trying to figure out where you finally put the hutch?! I love the color.

    Thank you for making me giggle every Saturday (sometimes Sunday/Monday) morning with your posts! I’m so proud of you, Sissy!

    NY resolution….LLC.

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