My husband has a theory that every time I paint a piece of furniture it is only a matter of time before I sell it or give it away. So when he saw our living room china hutch in my home office he knew something was up. This has been in a transformation over many months. And now? Well, wait until you see this repurposed hutch.


Repurposed Hutch


This was the original finish. Over the years, this versatile piece of furniture had layers of paint. But the piece had great bones and plenty of storage.

Before and After Repurposed Hutch

This glass-paned piece has had as many relocations as paint colors.

Over the course of a decade, it was relocated to every room on the main level of our home.


If we had an elevator it would be in our bedroom living a repurposed life as a hutch for linens.


Originally, this china cabinet/hutch was purchased for our dining room to store dishes, serving trays, seasonal dishware and my new obsession with these cloth napkins.

After we removed this wall I moved(scooted) the hutch to the living room.

I have a stash of these floor coasters when the mood (to move furniture) moves me.

When we refinished our floors I had an opportunity to move this heavy piece to my office. My plan was to repurpose it for my full-time home office.


how to repurpose a china hutch to a home office hutch

My hutch even made an appearance on my Youtube channel for this tip.

Shameless: Please follow my Youtube channel. Watch my intro video here.

Most recently I painted it Mascarpone by Benjamin Moore. I love this creamy white paint and just about every accessory in my house is painted this soft white.

Most importantly the soft white looks amazing against my Hale Navy walls.


My office is the shape of a rectangle with my desk in front of the length of the office and the hutch on the opposite wall. A set of three windows is on the opposite side of the French entry door.

I stare at this hutch and its contents every day. It has two sliding glass pane doors and one center stationary pane.

The hutch taunts me with the glass panes and exposed contents. It has great storage, but I don’t want to see my camera gear and lockboxes.

repurposed office hutch

And then in January (it is always January when I get these ideas).

I got an idea and searched Pinterest.

repurposed hutch

When my search yielded nothing I did what I always do when I need an opinion.

I called my sister.

Sidenote: This is a photo of our daughter (I did not grow up with a cordless phone-we had to pull the cord onto the back patio behind glass doors to have a private conversation.

My sister loved my idea. Or at least that is how I interpreted her response, “yeah… maybe?”


I painted the lower 1/3 of the glass panes of the hutch.

I loved it on my first brush stroke on the far lower right glass pane. Loved it!

All of that glass drove me crazy. It’s a lot to style and it’s hard to keep it organized with copies of purchase contracts or camera lenses.

You guys I love it. With the lower panes painted, it is a great use of storage on the lower 1/3 of the hutch. I store lockboxes and camera equipment. I LOVE it.

This rug is a favorite

repurposed china hutch

Here is a photo of the original hutch. What do you think?

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  1. It looks fabulous, Laura. When are you going to fill us in on the lie? I’m waiting.

  2. gail w turner says:

    What a great idea. Looks wonderful. I’m going to pin this in my mind.

    1. Thank you Gail! I am very happy with how it turned out!

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