With Christmas around the corner and trees in front of windows and staircases, the team decided on a Diy Christmas ornament theme. Because there is no such thing as too many ornaments.

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The first thing you need to know about me is I am not the crafty one in the family. I was the kid who brought home the Fruit Loop crafts and my cereal pieces were glued around the edges of the construction paper. And I called it an unfurnished living room with Fruit Loop trim.

But over the weekend I was sorting through my craft box and found my stash of bronze bells I purchased online two years ago.

Handmaid Bell Christmas Ornament

When the bronze-like bells arrived I was disappointed by their size. I had visions of large bells draped over the fireplace mantel. Instead, these tiny bells were better suited for Barbie’s Dream House.

And that is how I got the idea for this bell Christmas ornament.


One of my favorite Christmas quotes is from It’s a Wonderful Life .. you know where this is headed with a familiar and comforting quote and my petite bronze bells. When I committed to this idea I made three identical DIY Christmas ornaments. for each of my adulting children.



  1. Measure the length of the ribbon depending on the size of the bell
  2. Thread the ribbon through the top of the bell
  3. Measure the thin garland (I bought this last year at the Dollar Store)
  4. Wrap the garland around the top of the bell and use the wired garland to attach the plate.
  5. I used the thin garland wire to attach the nameplate and add a pop of green!
  6. The nameplates come with a small hole on each side. I emailed Zach the shop owner, told him my plan, and asked him to punch one hold on the left side of the quote plate.

I purchased the engraved quote, but I knew it was something that each of my kids could have for their Christmas trees as they build their own nests.

Oh, and I may put one of the bell ornaments on this door!

Please pin it to your Christmas boards!

Homemade bell Christmas ornament

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  1. Ok, these are way too cute. What a wonderful treat for your children. I am sure they will cherish these for years to come. I love them.

  2. It’s A Wonderful Life is one of my favorite movies. I love these bells. Thank you so much for sharing!

  3. I love that sweet sentiment. What a wonderfully thoughtful gift. Hope you have a great Thanksgiving, dear friend.

  4. Laura, I love how your bells turned out! I like the story behind them and now who they are for: your kids!!! 🙂 I just talked with #2 over the weekend and he played a little guitar for me while practicing for Sunday service at his and his wife’s church. Happy to hear my grown little boy play! Mine are 30 and 28 this year… Time goes fast. <3

    Enjoy giving your kids their bells, and Happy Thanksgiving to you,
    Barb 🙂

  5. What a great gift idea! My hubs loves that movie and watches it every year with the kids.:)

  6. I too was a little freaked out by the ornament challenge but you knocked it out of the park Laura! I love these and the bells are so on-trend right now. Love that you added the saying with the forethought of your kids being able to use them one day. I don’t think my kids are going to want a dang thing I have. But it will be an awesome estate sale one day! LOL. Thank you for joining in. Happy Thanksgiving! Is your son coming home from Dallas? If he doesn’t have a place to go, please let me know. He is welcome here.

  7. You make lemonade out of lemons, Laura! Well, at the very least, decor out of a ‘blunder’. Been there, done that, and you totally made the best of the situation! Great idea!

  8. Laura, these ornaments are so sweet. Who doesn’t love that saying? Great to be able to use something you already bought. The little plaque is a great resource to know about. Merry Christmas, friend.

  9. Laura, those are adorable!

  10. Laura you certainly put the precious little bells to good use! Love your ornaments!

    So fun hopping with you. Merry Christmas!

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