After the holidays there is nothing more satisfying for us control freaks than packing up the garland and stockings. And did this with our wrinkled tissue paper. But now what? Here are a few fireplace ideas.

If you are a reader here at Everyday Edits you know I fell in love with the Ingalls family fireplace in the middle of their little house on the prairie.

I have never not decorated my fireplace, hearth, or mantel so I am intrigued by people who see the fireplace as a heat source. But a fireplace is prime real estate in any room and an opportunity. Think of a fireplace is like a piece of furniture that is used year-round.

With longer days some of us may be wondering what do I do for summer fireplace decor? Well here are a few ideas that worked for me. The goal is not to overwhelm the fireplace but to show it a little love during the dog days of summer before the pumpkins show up.

I like to think of fireplaces like a cake plate. Just like a cake plate a fireplace elevates the accessories on the mantel or hearth.

For homeowners and renters who do not have a fireplace, these tips work for a hutch or console table against a wall.



  • Remove all current decor
  • Wipe or vacuum the mantel and hearth.
  • Leave the fireplace or mantel empty for a day or a weekend.

This might be the hardest step for some of us, but blank space is the easiest way to stir up creativity.


  • Shop your house for wreaths, candlesticks, lanterns, baskets
  • This Goodwill basket was a great addition to my fireplace. The flowers are a little unexpected next to a stone hearth!
  • I Iove the pop of pink (and green) in front of the stone. Just like green shrubs in front of stone walls and patios.

I used the same basket for fall too!

  • Plants add a pop of green that freshens the space.
  • I love ferns and they add color and life to any fireplace. Think of the fireplace ledge or hearth as a plant stand.
  • Does your fireplace get sun? Add herbs to the hearth or mantel. This spring
  • I added herbs to my fireplace because it gets great morning sun.

Also, I don’t forget to water it and it is steps away from my kitchen.

This next tip came from one of my close friends (and former seller) who added a lamp to her built-in brick fireplace hearth. It was such a great idea and added a little light to the family room. I placed a small lamp behind the fern and it throws off a subtle glow. It is like a nightlight for the fireplace.

If you don’t have an outlet here is a fun light hack!

Thanks for stopping by today! I hope you found some easy ways to use your fireplace all year long!

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  1. Great ideas. I’m never sure what to do with my fireplace in spring and summer. Thanks for sharing. I’m adding this link to my summer fireplace post.

  2. GREAT ideas! I like changing out the fireplace decor for the seasons. I was obsessed with Little House on the Prairie books as a kid too!

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