Valentine’s Day Garland

I had so much fun with this Valentine’s Day garland. I have to tell you something. As my kids got older I pulled back on Valentine’s Day decor. I decorated for January and February and stayed in a winter mood until Spring. But this garland was a fun reason to add a little Valentine’s Day back into my home.



I love simple and since I already had my January decor I kept it uncomplicated.


A few years ago I purchased these concrete-shaped hearts. I purchased three for each of my three children. And, odd numbers are a good rule of thumb when staging or decorating a home.


I found these cute little hearts at Target in the dollar section. I used a hole punch to make a large enough hole to string the hearts together to create a holiday-themed garland.


These hearts sat on my desk for a week until I told myself not to overthink how to create a Valentine’s Day garland.

This garland took me maybe four minutes and it fits in beautifully with my dreamy, winter hutch. Subtle.

I love to blend winter decor with pink and red in February. It’s like a slow roll into spring.



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  1. Paula@SweetPea says:

    Target has the best stuff in the dollar section. Your garland looks great. Who doesn’t love a quick and easy project?

    1. Such a fun project Paula! I love this challenge! laura

  2. I love the saying on your hearts. Your cabinet looks so pretty and is ready for the season.

    1. Hi Laura, You noticed the snowman! Guess where I found him? Kroger after Christmas last year! 80% off and I think he is so cute! laura

  3. I love it!! I was just thinking that it’s time to pull out my Valentine’s decorations!

    1. Yes! Get it out and share!!! Happy Hump Day Heather! laura

  4. I love a garland that takes under 5 minutes! That’s my kind of craft! I also love the simplicity and being able to write meaningful words on it is so sweet. It all looks great with the mantel and the 3 rocks for your kids. Thank you for joining in. Pinned!

    1. THe funny things is I didn’t even catch it Cindy! Ha laura

  5. Yes, Laura, the Valentine’s touches fit perfectly into your quiet, simple winter decor!

  6. It is a great blend of Valentine’s Day and winter. I hadn’t thought of that until you mentioned it. I love your concrete hearts. I have one of those in my stash. I need to pull it out.

    1. I love my hearts too! Thank you Katie! I think of my kids every time I see them! laura

    1. Ha! Agree! Thank you Julie! loved your garland! laura

  7. Very sweet garland, Laura! It looks great on your hutch, and I’m glad the challenge inspired you to decorate in these winter months again. Happy Valentine’s Day (a little early)!

    1. Thank you Crissy! Loved your garland! I need to step up my game! ha laura

  8. Laura, very cute garland and it’s so simple which makes it even better. Love the sentiments you added to the hearts. We all can’t get enough of Target!!

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