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Over the course of a few years, I accumulated more than a dozen trays. At some point I guess I needed:

And not only was I running out of places to store them, but once they were stored I usually forgot where I had stashed those must-have serving trays. So I had to get creative with my storage solutions.


1. Under wreath centerpieces. Round serving trays with handles make a great base for a centerpiece on the dining room or kitchen table.

Creative places to store oversized serving trays and platters

That’s my other storage tip: use wreaths in the table setting.

Two-handled trays also make it easy to move a floral or table arrangement when it is time to eat. I have an identical tray in my kitchen hiding under a fern.

2. Hiding in Plain Sight. Do you see my huge wood barrel lid in the living room? Neither do my guests (or my family).

But this heavy, solid oak barrel lid is right under the plant.

The oak barrel is a seasonal favorite tray so I like to have it nearby.

Now I never forget where I stored it. And I am not hauling it up two flights of stairs.

How to find more storage in unlikely places

Here is that second tray. I have it in my kitchen and it is easy to remove the fern and take it onto the patio with snacks!

3. Stack small trays in a display. My trays area ll different sizes. I like to group smaller ones together and top it off with a pumpkin or seasonal decor staple.

Creative Places to Store Serving Trays


So my kids would say mom why don’t you just store your excessive serving tray collection in the closet (like normal parents). Oh, just wait until they are homeowners. Storing trays on a shelf eight feet above the ground is risky. Those trays can wobble.

These DIY chargers are a favorite decor staple so I keep them on my office hutch!

Creative Places to Store Serving Trays

So I figured out that there is a lot of untapped storage space behind my office hutch. All I did was move the hutch forward maybe two inches from the wall. It accommodated my round trays. Who knew?

Oh and because it is in my office I will not forget those trays when the holidays arrive.

Creative Places to Store Serving Trays


I have a few wood crates that I either forget to use or they clutter up my office. When we built this library wall I loved the look of my favorite navy paint color on the planet against wood grain decor.

So I solved a storage problem with my bulkier crates. I just added them to the library wall (or a bookcase). When I need them for entertaining they are nearby.

No running around looking for random, repurposed crates and even wood file boxes!

Sidenote: There is no better place to just linger over a forgotten cookbook than this reimagined space. If you have an awkward room keep playing with the layout.

You can see the before and after pics of our recent main floor here. It’s crazy!

6. FURNITURE When I found this hutch at Marshall’s the manager was thrilled to get it out of his store. He helped me load this into the back of my car days before the retail stores shut down in 2020.

This clearance find had a walnut stain and two cabinet doors with open storage inside. I knew it would be the perfect cabinet to store my tiered trays.

Ironically, I have a beautiful hutch in our dining room I found here.

But it has shelves inside which limits the storage potential.

So never underestimate a Marshall’s hutch or

these chairs from Homegoods.

Would love if you pinned it on one of your boards!

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