Sharing the unexpected emotions from our daughter’s teen bedroom to guest room. 

Our daughter’s room is now the guest room. We have not told her yet. Over the past few months, I have moved her elementary, high school and college keepsake boxes to her closet.


The last thing I removed was the fabric-covered bulletin boards I made for her bedroom. It was also one of my first blog posts. When it came to loading them into the car for a Goodwill drop I hesitated. My husband said something like, “let them go.” Did he say let her go?

The process to transition from her teen bedroom to a guest room was more emotional than I expected. I didn’t even sort through her stuff. I just moved it for her until she can afford to buy a home in the next ten years in this market. #denvermarket


So many memories. Like the time she had her wisdom teeth removed and her brothers filmed her trying to eat jello.

We do have fun as a family with some of these ideas to stay connected.

Or the nights she helped her younger brother with his spelling words.

Or when she ran out of her room screaming after her brothers sprayed body spray into the shared vents between their bedrooms.


The time she announced she had to break up with her boyfriend (of seven days). We used the line, “Just rip off that bandaid.” I think we quoted one of her uncle’s strategies.

Or the first day of her first job.

In the evenings she studied at her desk for the CPA exams.


Slowly I moved her favorite books from her trundle bed and built-in bookcase to her closet. I have plans to make a few budget-friendly changes like the ones I made in her brothers’ bedrooms.

teen-bedroom-to-guest-room And replaced childhood blankies with something more mature but with a bit of fun and whimsy for the nights/holidays, she stays with us.


The memories of the magic carpet ride to the bunny hill. The lost goggles somewhere between our car and the slopes.


Of course, we will always have this room to remember. The earlier years.


So those two bulletin boards made it to Goodwill. It turns out my husband said, “let them go…”

Thank you for stopping by today. Stay tuned for the teen bedroom makeover to a guest room.

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Love you ashes to the moon and back.



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  1. Awww..it is emotional. I haven’t had to do that yet but it’s coming!

  2. Such a sweet post! I forgot the earlier decor with hot pink paint!

    1. I think you are the only one who read it ;0) love you!

  3. What a sweet, emotional post, Laura. Your daughter is adorable, just like her Mama!

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