Dublin is the perfect destination for your first oversee’s travel. Other than stay-focused on the roundabouts and the other side of the road brain retraining, the trip was perfect. With rolling hills and sheep just outside Dublin’s city limits it was the best of two sides of life.

Our Ireland trip was a celebratory trip for me and my husband after paying off an SBA business loan over ten years and five months. We took our trip in the fall before the pandemic.

Ireland was the perfect place to catch our breath and celebrate.


Our trip to Ireland

Dublin was like a scene from It’s a Wonderful Life.

Except, in any Dublin pub you are bound to hear the same swear word used as an adjective, adverb, noun and a creative preposition.

But when you pair the sweat word in an Irish accent it sounds friendly almost. If you know an Irish man or woman (I work with one) or have enjoyed a rugby match (my son played rugby in high school) you know that word.

But that word was not offensive with an Irish accent.

Suggestions for a trip to Ireland

We spent the majority of our Ireland trip in Dublin. Walking the Trinity College campus had me on my phone texting my daughter to consider grad school in Dublin and maybe meet a cute Irish boy with an Irish accent.

Every morning we woke up and found these lining the streets.

And, of course, no trip to Ireland would be complete without a little Guinness. We did a self-guided tour which means we sampled when we wanted and on every floor. I think a tour would have been more fun.

Some of you know I have a thing for clocks. These clocks were in the Guinness Museum. The details got a little blurry by the time we got on the 3rd floor.

And, finally, I loved the message on this awning outside a little cafe.

Thanks for stopping by today! Please share your travel adventures near or far it is just fun to explore!

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  1. Looks like you fell for Ireland like we did. We noticed the kegs in the mornings too! i’m a sucker for their accent and it didn’t matter what they said, I was smitten! Dublin was a lot of fun and the pubs are the best!

    1. I hope my youngest wants to study in Dublin. Our daughter was in Florence so Dublin would be fun! xo laura

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