Good morning! I am sitting in my office writing this week’s Weekend Edit. I wore a knit cap during a Zoom meeting because of the cold. I do not know how Caroline and Charles Ingalls survived with a thatch roof and mud floors. We finished the Yellowstone spinoff 1883 and I was left with mixed emotions about the risks pioneers took to travel west. My husband and I would have been fighting about his wagon skills before we passed Omaha City.

If I was traveling with my adulting kids they would have left me at the Trading Post in what is now North Omaha and told me to wait until the railroad was finished.



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  1. Tricia Becker says:

    Enjoy the snow before it becomes, as E and E say, snirt. I need suggestions about refluffin the sofa cushions that are on the sides and not a perfect square because they are next to the sides. The dogs sit on those and they are warped.
    I didn’t know about the hammer…just the vanity/Evan story (why is he always involved in the funny stories?).
    Could you ask your followers about a good Irish history book?

  2. Good for you, Laura. A whole weekend to yourself. Blissful!

  3. Good morning, Laura. Thanks for sharing my winter recipes post. Glad you got some time alone to chill and read. Best way to spend a winter weekend. Years it was really cold in Denver this week. It was here in Dallas too. Stay warm, my friend.

  4. Tricia Becker says:

    The foodie call is hilarious!!!
    Have you used the roll-out wooden mat in your yard? Might be something we need.

  5. Hi Laura,
    I like your posts. More about decor and what you’re reading and watching is always welcome here.
    Have a good work week.
    Karen B.

  6. We returned from a delightful Disney Crusie last week–a special getaway for our oldest granddaughter’s birthday. It began in San Diego and the warmer climate made me dream a bit about spring!

    I also like cozy quiet Saturdays, but since I’m retired every day is Saturday! (smile)

    Perhaps some real estate tips would be fun to read on your blog–what are buyers looking for? What house updates matter –my house is pretty original 90s — decorating tips for sellers, or how to prepare to downsize.

    1. Just emailed you Pat! Thanks for the suggestions! xo laura

  7. No judgement.. sometimes I too wish everyone would just go away so I can lie in bed with a book or the remote and relax.

  8. I would have done the same and stayed home!! That sounded positively blissful!! I recently purchased some collared dickies and I love them under sweaters! Your hack is smart too!! I hope you’re having a great week!

  9. Hi Laura,
    I’ve heard stories of deliveries from a variety of stores missing items due to availability. Kind of defeats the purpose of having items delivered if in the end you have to go shopping, right? I’ve never seen the Mindy Project and have heard good things. I’ll start watching.
    Have a wonderful weekend. Do you have Super Bowl plans? Do you have a favorite team?
    Karen B.

  10. Tricia Becker says:

    1. You gave yourself to much credit on your Oregon Trail move. The kids wouldn’t have gone out West with y’all. They’d have stayed in NYC. You and Rod wouldn’t have made it past the outskirts of NYC. You would have needed to find a clean rest stop and would have complained about the cold.
    2. A teacher at work just got 2 really cute dresses at Walmart!
    3. The earrings are cute but got a 1-star rating. No bueno.
    4. I had the exact same shirt from JCF but haven’t pulled the trigger!
    Loft has one like it, but it was awful. Don’t waste your time.
    Great post sissy!
    5. I stayed up until 1am last night watching TMP! Even John was laughing!

    1. I love this show. There are so many laugh out loud comments that I want to write down!
      Calling you shortly sissy! need to finish my coffee!

  11. Here is a suggestion for Tricia for a good Irish history book: Say Nothing by Patrick Radden Keefe. It is a true story based on a tragic event that happened during “The Troubles” in Northern Ireland.

  12. Hi Laura
    Thanks for the “shout out” for my blog! Colorado has been a wonderful state for us to explore and I still have many more places I hope to visit here.
    We have been watching “The Last of Us” on HBO…it is creepy, scary, and yet oddly compelling. I subscribe to an epidemiologist’s health newsletter and she recommended it.
    I do wonder how the pioneers had the ability and fortitude to travel west by covered wagon, but then I also marvel how my great-grandparents on my father’s side and grandparents on my mother’s side were able to leave everyone and everything behind and cross the Atlantic Ocean in a ship to come to America! What brave people all our ancestors were!
    I’m reading Lessons in Chemistry on my kindle from the library’s Libby app. I had to wait 8 weeks to get it off the waiting list. It’s funny!

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