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Wait Until You See This Toilet Paper Roll Hack

Sharing a toilet paper roll hack that is a great way to recycle the cardboard rolls.

Doesn’t it seem like ages ago when we set our alarms for 5 am to get in line for toilet paper? On the mornings my husband came home with a 12 pack of Charmin Ultra he looked like he won the lottery that morning in the aisles of Target. 

It was like Christmas morning in the month of March and part of April.

He was so proud of his innate hunter and gathering skills down the household goods aisle. I stashed rolls of toilet paper throughout the house just in case we had to ration our toilet paper rolls for an extended period of time. 

And, now five months later? I no longer have to set my alarm for toilet paper. 


Which if you know me, is how I got to thinking about toilet paper roll hacks.

Over the weekend I hauled out my fall decor. It is one of my favorite days of the year. It signals to my family that fall is in the air and these cookies.

For my husband? Not so much. Instead, for him, it signals the end of clutter-free counters, hutches and this table. 

Oh my!

I think what worries him most is how the decor appears to double in the days ahead.

My decor theme this year is more fall everything this year. Right?

I purchased these beautiful fall leaf stems at Hobby Lobby and assembled them in my go-to metal floral buckets similar to these buckets


Unfortunately, the weight of the stems caused the metal buckets to fall down under their weight.

I added pine cones to the buckets to weigh the buckets down a bit, but those stems are strong (and now back-ordered).

And then I got this crazy idea that empty toilet paper rolls might contain those stems.

So I did something that my family would never be surprised by I unraveled a few rolls that were nearing their end (oh, no pun intended). #wink


You guys, I didn’t even have to fiddle fart with the toilet paper roll. When I bent the bottom part of the stem it fit perfectly into the toilet paper roll.


[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ns15CTCG1co[/embedyt]


The toilet paper roll was sturdy enough to hold the stem AND fit into the floral buckets. And no one in my family will ever know what is keeping those fall stems upright and tucked into place.


for the fall decor pumpkin palooza.

Now is the time to send a group text to the family that you need toilet paper rolls. Just asking that question in a family group text is sure to get your kids curiosity and a reply.

And wait until you tell them you are getting ready to decorate for fall. #wink



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  1. Holly A Ryan Marshall says:

    Wonderful idea…..will try it…….

  2. This is a clever idea! I have a couple of vases that could use help with holding artificial flower stems upright. I;ll follow your Pinterest, etc, boards as I love new ideas. Let’s hope we never have to worry about finding TP ever again…lol

  3. What a great idea! And you’re right, nobody would ever know. Thanks for sharing! I just saw your link on Your Whims Wednesday link up. Have a great week Laura!

    1. It really works! climbed onto my kitchen counter to add an empty roll for my kitchen sink display! Ha!

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