My front porch is the size of a bathroom stall at Denver International Airport. And some days my porch looks like a bathroom stall. My fall and Christmas garland resembles those last eight squares trailing off the toilet paper roll.

But not my friend Pam. Her porch is always decked out for the season or holiday and looks like the front of an Arhaus store. And then there are porches that look like the owners gave up and decided since it’s June they might as well leave the Halloween wreath on the front door until October. I fall somewhere in the middle so I love to up my porch game. Here are a few patriotic porch ideas that work for just about any holiday you just need to mix up the color scheme!


So with summer in full gear here are some patriotic porch decor ideas.

Tips to master a patriotic porch


But first, here is our inspiration from BH&G.

Is that the cutest dog? He matches the red, white and blue theme!

I thought it was a stuffed animal when I first saw this photo! Look at this dreamy porch with columns and shutters.


Tips to Master a Patriotic Porch for the Summer

So like all of our challenges, we adapt, pivot, and try new ideas. And if my ideas leave you wanting more scroll to the bottom for a link to BH&G 4th of July porch ideas!




I started with our wreath and worked my way around the porch. I love a wreath against our front door. The greenery pops and the polka dot monogram is a staple for all of the red and white holidays.

Patriotic Wreath for Summer

This same wreath made an appearance on this popular dining room centerpiece.


I had these spring green lanterns I found at Ikea a few years ago.

II got the idea to f I spray-painted them red so I could use the red lanterns for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Memorial Day, and 4th of July and Labor day. I have my eye on these vintage-looking lanterns!

Tips to Master a Patriotic Porch for the 4th of July

My plan was to add one to the front door wreath, but they were just a wee bit too heavy.

I added one to our porch bench …

Tips to Master a Patriotic Porch for the 4th of July

And ended up adding the second lantern with plans to add these popular twinkle lights



Here is a fun pillow idea. I have one pillow with a waxy texture pillow cover. It is weather resistant and because it’s a neutral color I add seasonal ribbon to it and leave it on the little bench.
Because the Denver metro area is under a rain cloud for the third week I am saving this pillow for the porch until we see sunshine!


Our American flag is outside year-round. I just love seeing it blowing in the wind behind the wrought iron railing and windows.

Years ago I bought this little frog at a garage sale. He is a real prince. I spray paint his crown a seasonal paint color.

So I added a pop of red to his crown!

If you If you are short on ideas or your porch is the size of a yoga mat, check out Better Homes & Garden for 4th of July front porch inspiration.

Here is a cute patriotic centerpiece you can put together in minutes!

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  1. Laura, so cute!!!
    I love Mr. Frog’s red crown!! I didn’t know about the paint shortages… It’s always something, isn’t it? I have actually started finding Sketcher slip on shoes again (Kohl’s) after two years of NONE out there. Hoping Costco and Sam’s will have my blue jeans again, lol! And this has nothing to do with today’s lovely blog hop!! 😉

    I feel the same about our front porch/stoop. There really isn’t room for a beautiful rocker but I was able to squeeze in a small planter stand a couple of years ago and it works for all seasons. Glad you were able to tuck in a small bench and it looks nice with its patriotic pillow and the cute lanterns!! Love the big N, too!

    Happy hopping and happy summer hugs,
    Barb 🙂

  2. So so pretty. The star pillow, the beautiful wreath and the lanterns are all so perfect for a Happy 4th vignette.

  3. Small porches are always a challenge, but you have made the most of yours. Cute idea painting the lanterns and I like the cute star pillow on the bench too.

  4. Laura,
    I’m so glad to see your post. The lanterns are so cute painted and the pillows are perfect.

  5. Your porch looks great! I have those lanterns in red and use them for a lot of holidays/seasons. I haven’t pulled out my patriotic decor. I’m just not feeling it this year.

  6. Your porch looks very festive, Laura! I put out many small American flags all summer long in my porch flower pots from Memorial Day on. Have a very Happy Forth of July!

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