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My family is no longer surprised when they come home and see a couch in the middle of the entry or a coffee table in the kitchen. Even Elliott (our Bernese Mountain dog) knows to stay out of the way. Rearranging rooms and kitchen cabinets is what I do when I have a free afternoon or a snowstorm. So today I have a few tips before you rearrange a room.

One of my first friends, when we moved to Denver, was a neighbor. She was the friend who told me about a house that had just come on the market. She told me at a Bunko game. We have lived in that house for almost twenty years.

husband refers to it as the most expensive Bunko game ever. But when it came to how to arrange a room my petite little friend, who could fit in my pocket, told me to start with clearing the area when you want to rearrange  furntiure.

Yep, my friend Julie suggested the best way to envision how to arrange a room was to clear it out and start with a clean slate.

It seemed like lots of effort to move, shove and scoot furniture across the floors, but I tried it and explained to the family why kitchen was empty on a Thursday.

This furniture arrangment suggestion was exactly what I needed.

Not only was I clearing the room, but it cleared the clutter in my head. You know the indecisiveness that causes analysis/paralysis.

And, it got rid of lingering preconceived ideas of where the couch should be positioned in the living. room.


I get it- clearing a room may not always make sense. It was hard enough to get the couch into the living room, now I have to take it out of the same room?

So here are a few tips and workarounds if you cannot clear out an entire space.


1. Clear the accessories

When we recently scheduled to have our hardwood floors refinished we had to remove all of the furniture from the main level. I started with the small stuff like the accessories. You guys I counted over a dozen lanterns.

My collection of accessories resembled the HomeGoods clearance section on Sunday evening.

2. Roll up the rugs

Rugs can be a little pushy with their preconceived furniture arrangement ideas. So removing the rugs is a great visual to see what your furniture could look like if it wasn’t married to a 9×12 rug from 2008.

If you cannot drag and pull a rug outside of room do the next best thing and roll it up and shove it against a wall.


3. If it doesn’t make sense to move  a king size bed out of the primary bedroom, move the  the side tables, lamps and ottomans.

Maybe the bed stays and you splurge on a new coverlet  or  these Wlmart pillow shams.

4. With your room opening up after the first three suggestions run through your house and find your favorite furniture pieces. I shared this find a few weeks ago and have a few places where it may land.


I essentially shopped at my house instead of at HomeGoods.

5. Finally grab the painter’s tape and a tape measure. The 2nd best advice I got with furniture arrangement was to outline the furniture with painter’s tape.

It is a great visual for spacing out furniture pieces. Now that you are inspired make sure to read these ideas on how to find easy ideas to rearrange a room!

Finally, here is one more tip related to moving furniture. I shared it on my youtube channel if you want to take a look. Would love it if you subscribed!

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  1. Tricia Becker says:

    Hmmm….how come we never use these tips when you’re helping me?!?!
    Great ideas, Laura!

  2. I’m very interested in your blue rug but not the wool one. Rather the one that has the interest lines. Can you tell me where to get it? I didn’t see it listed.

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