4th of July tiered tray


A few years ago I had no idea of the concept of a tiered tray. My initial thought it was a two-level tray for deviled eggs. I know right? Now, tiered trays are all all over Pinterest and Etsy.

A tiered tray is a thing and I jumped on the tray train when I purchased this tiered tray. I bought my first one in white, but I prefer the darker stain.


Now this multi-story tray is a decor staple at my house. Tiered trays are perfect if you are short on a counter, table, or living space because they use vertical space.

Think of a tiered tray as the condo of all tray designs. For comparison, a coffee table tray is more like a ranch-style home.

4th of July tiered tray

A multi-level tray is an affordable staple if you are renting. The “bundles” or the decor used to fill the tray are easy to change out for the holidays.

I am a big fan of making an apartment or rental feel like home. Tiered trays are an easy way to do this because they do take up space.

Now that I joined the trend, my tiered tray is a kitchen table staple for the seasons and the holidays. I love it! The point of a tray is to corral stuff. It’s like celebrating the holidays in a contained space. It is an investment piece.

tips for tiered trays


When this tray went on sale I snagged it in white. Honestly, I would love it in the stain too.

Over the last year, I have a few tray tips and how to save money on those cute little tray decor items.


In a slightly overdramatic voice; tiered trays changed my life. At least my kitchen table’s life. Tiered trays:

  • use vertical space saving valuable counter space for all holidays
  • can be used year-round
  • work great for holidays, food trays, and even a hot cocoa station like this one.
  • can be used in any room from bathrooms to kitchens.

Our only limits are our imagination and budgets. Speaking of budgets.. here are a few tips or suggestions because tiered trays are a thing.


  • Two or three-tiered? I ordered a two-tiered tray because my galvanized tiered tray did not fit under my cabinets. Yes, I know this is my burden. Wink!
  • Two-tiered trays require fewer little seasonal pumpkins and 4th of July woodblocks.
  • Three-tiered trays work well on kitchen islands or tables as long as they don’t hit the lighting. Double-check the width and height if you buy a tray.
  • My galvanized tray is perfect for the patio (or a DIY bird feeder), but it is too clunky in the kitchen.


If you are asking what is a bundle I got you! Tiered bundles are cute holiday or seasonal-theme wood blocks specifically designed for a tiered tray.

A bundle is a genius way to sell (and buy) lots of cute finished woodblocks designed for these popular trays.

Tiered bundles are all over Etsy. They are very cute, but if you bought enough “bundles” to fill your two-tiered tray gets pricey. This is why an Etsy gift card is a great birthday or holiday gift.

Here re is a cute Halloween sign.

Bundles for tiered trays can get pricey. Here are a few ideas to save money!


  • Look for the seasonal sales on Etsy or just buy a two-bundle pack (Etsy sellers give customers lots of options and price points).
  • Recently, I found small seasonal decor objects at Hobby Lobby and Marshalls.


I have large bins for my big stuff, but I I purchased these plastic containers with lids for every holiday and/or season.

I stack them on a storage shelf in the basement so I can see crossover holidays.

What’s that? A cross-over or multi-seasonal bundle is when this cute pink truck works for Valentine’s Day, Easter and spring. The see-through stackable bins make it easy to find and sort.


I save random 2×4 scraps. Don’t have scraps? Check out the scrap or cull wood bin in the back of the lumber section at Home Depot. It is scraps of wood. It is a great find if you do not have a friend or spouse with a tablesaw.

Recently, I painted the opposite side of an Etsy 4th of July block. I plan to add a cute sticker.

Thank you for stopping by today. I feel a little like Annie Wilkes the character in the movie Misery. I am a tiered tray’s biggest fan! Would love it if you pin the image below for others to find.

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