Most of us do not think of a rug pad as game changer. But if I had to explain the benefits of a rug pad to my girlfriends I would say it acts like comfy undergarments.

It’s a necessary game changer for wood floors.

I mean let’s face it a product called a rug pad does not create a cozy vibe.

Until… the 1/2″ precut felt, made in the USA pad was positioned under our new family room rug.

And then it became a superhero with both carpet cushion and floor protector powers.

This rug tip changed how I feel about rugs and bare feet. I may need to get a pedicure more often- that is how cushy this felt rug pad feels under this Wayfair rug.

If you don’t want to spend the cost of a one-month college meal plan on a rug you will want to spend a little change on the padding.


Rug and floor protectors are like best friends to the popular girl. Think Margo, Serena and Elle Woods or Rhoda Morganstern and Mary. Richards. Or, Ben to Jerry. You cannot have one without the other.

Rug pads offer unconditional support even when the rug and the hardwood floors get all the attention.

A rug pad is a game changer for your rugs!

Everyone talks about the rug but does anyone ever think about what is propping up the rug? Maybe the hardwood floors because it really comes down to the padding to protect wood floors. The cloud-like cushion is the bonus.


  • the 1/2″ felt pad was like a cushioned yoga mat under our toes.
  • the felt padding meant I would never spend a Saturday morning scrubbing off plastic residue,
  • makes your rug feel (more) expensive and fancy.
  • It adds a protective layer between the hardwood floors and the rug.
  • And it offers a level of cushion that only bare toes can appreciate at the end of a day.
  • You can find all the benefits on their website .

Why you need a rug pad for your floors and rugs!

Over the years, I hauled in my share of 8×10 rugs. Some rugs were just rolled out and furgetaboutit.

A few of my rugshad a poly something waffle weave floor covering but those were only for the fancy rugs that cost more than $139.00 like my office rug.

I have the light blue but really like the deeper sea blue.

But after this trauma to our family room floors, I knew it was time to invest in a rug pad.

You guys I had no idea that an interior floor protector would feel so good under bare feet after a day of showing properties and walking the dogs.

I feel like I need a manicure.

If you are a follower at Everyday Edits you know I love to promote Made in the USA brands.

After this unfortunate incident, I hopped on Amazon and searched “made in USA rug pads.”

And, RugPad USA popped up and they had a sale!

Me and my new rug patiently waited.

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