Happy Weekending! Any big plans?

In exciting news, I met my daughter for her second-to-last wedding dress fitting. When she turned around in front of the mirror I was right back to this moment of her at her Auntie Tricia’s and Uncle JB’s wedding.

And now her uncle will officiate at her and her fiance’s wedding. It was a full-circle moment.

a wedding is a reminder of a full circle moment for family

And then when I got home I suggested we need to power wash and paint the garage floor before the wedding. And discuss the following:

  • I think we need a new kitchen table
  • and outdoor lighting
  • and extended doggy daycare thru the weekend
  • one of us possibly two of needs a neck lift (oh wait daughter said nothing to the face inside four weeks)
  • and a pergola

Anyone who has planned a wedding knows exactly why the first item (garage floors) was a legitimate to-do list disguised in the form of a question.

The list played out like a scene in Father of the Bride with Steve Martin and Dianne Keaton. I bet Frank Eggelhoffer (Martin Short), The Banks’ wedding planner, would have made the same suggestion regarding the garage floor and the remainder of the items on the above lists. I should write these in the form of an inspection objection list. ;0)


What was your favorite wedding you attended (besides your own) and why?


I loved reading your responses to last week’s question after I shared our DIY dog training initiative.

I ordered this dog barking deterrent light remote which is essentially a $60 flashlight.



This is one of my favorite DIYs. Get a small bag of concrete and save a few plastic containers! I mixed the concrete in water in a bucket with a paint stick. You can make coasters, stepping stones, and garden markers! Fun project for all ages and stages

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  1. I loved the follow up to your ant issue and will be arming myself with your non-toxic ant deterrent.
    My favorite wedding was in St. Helena, CA at a beautiful home that was owned by a prominent wine maker. (The home is mostly vacant, so the owner rents it out for events). The weather was perfect and the twinkle lights around the property made for a magical evening.
    Enjoy your weekend. I’m off to Bainbridge Island, WA for a few days.
    Karen B.

  2. This posts brought me right back to our to-do list for our daughters backyard wedding.

    It’s daunting but oh so worth it and that day will be so special.

    I know there were things on my list that just didn’t happen but honestly no one but me noticed 🙂

    I can’t wait to hear all about your daughters wedding day!

  3. Tricia Becker says:

    Oh, that picture is one of my favorites! I can’t believe how times flies! I cannot wait for the wedding.
    I loved yours (Tia and I drank Long Island Iced teas all night), Dan and Linsey’s was fun because of his OHS and CU friends.
    Most sincere-Ragan and Jeff’s!
    I have absolutely no memory of Doug’s or David’s…none.

  4. Hi Laura
    I understand the joy that comes with watching one’s daughter try on her wedding dress. It’s a beautiful moment that may evoke memories of the song “Sunrise, Sunset.”
    It’s no surprise that my favorite weddings were those of my son and daughter. My son tied the knot in Washington DC, where he met his lovely bride during his college years. They captured memories all around the city with stunning photos. Our daughter got married in a stunning catering hall located in Brooklyn, offering a breathtaking view of Manhattan on the other side of the East River.
    My husband’s co-worker had an authentic Chinese wedding in NYC’s Chinatown, which came in third on my list of favorites. The reception included multiple courses of delicious food, and the bride changed her outfit three times – from her wedding dress to a red kimono to her “going away” outfit.” going away” outfit.
    I’m sure your daughter’s wedding will be beautiful–such an exciting time!

  5. I read America’s First Daughter several years ago and really enjoyed it. That’s what made me read about Alice Roosevelt this year and I have a book on Eliza Hamilton waiting to be read. It also made me so very thankful to be born in this century.
    Oh the wedding dress.. that must have been quite a moment.
    My favorite wedding was my close friends 6ish years ago. We flew to Pakistan for the wedding and it was such a fun time reuniting with all my old friends.

  6. The wedding is coming up quickly. I totally get wanting to clean and paint the garage floors! I would be in full on panic clean and repair mode! My favorite wedding memory is one in Vermont. It was all outside and rustically beautiful! They gave out Ben & Jerry’s treats instead of cake. I also loved one on the beach in Cape Cod.

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