Happy Weekending! What plans do you have for the 4th of July holiday when the 4th is on Tuesday? That is like New Year’s Eve on a Sunday night (I am looking at you December 31st).

Why can’t July 4th do what the pilgrims did and make it on the same day every year? For my history buffs ( who may or may not read Everyday Edits) it was Congress who created the fourth Thursday of the month date in 1941.

And don’t get me started on moving Christmas to January where the dreary weather and grey skies would be lit up with Christmas trees and twinkly lights and blow-up Santas and baby Jesus swaddled under a wool blanket in the nativity scenes.

Back to the 4th of July…

The good news is we can celebrate the 4th of July over the weekend.


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  1. I’m on my way over to check out the list of Rose’s. I don’t know how to put the accent thing on the e. I agree about making the 4th on the same day everywhere. I am not looking forward to the nutballs in the hood setting off fireworks. Anyway, hope you have a great long weekend!

  2. Great idea on creating Independence Day to be the first Monday in July to celebrate the “4th of July”. I’m thinking you should run for office!!!

    1. Ha! If I ran for city council I would be skewered with my run away sentences and opinions! There would be a newsreel with me that would make the comedy channels! xo laura
      Found your original recipe email! It makes me smile when I read your “simmer down now sista.”

  3. Happy month of July and Happy 4th! Let’s hope we don’t have thunderstorms or hail that day, which seems to be Colorado’s new weather pattern

  4. Hi Laura,
    I agree, it would be nice to have Independence Day on a Monday. My postman told me they don’t get Monday off, just Tuesday.
    Great shopping tips this week. I love dog collars. Since it will be Bentley’s first exposure to fireworks, I plan on taking him to our friend’s backyard BBQ so that if he hears the boom, I’ll be there to reassure him. 😉🎉
    Karen b.

  5. 4th of July on a Tuesday is a bit of a bummer. It should be on the first Saturday of July.
    I saw that cake over at Heathers and it look really good.

  6. Oh boy, I just checked out the Pottery Barn clearance picks and I could get myself into a lot of trouble there. How fun!! Hope your 4th was great!

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