I almost missed trash day. I was drinking my coffee and listening to Dr. Fauci (my Corona crush) and I realized it was trash day! What day is it? As the days roll on top of each other I have lost touch with the traditional calendar.

I have not worn anything with a zipper in three weeks unless you include my puffy vest. I caught up with my daughter via a few text messages on Friday.

My middle called to tell me how much he loves being back at college in his rental house. We were out in MN last fall and left a few pumpkins and Octoberfest cheer on his front porch before we flew back to Colorado.

What day is it?

I shared this post on how to stay connected to our adult children. Timely.


My dad sent me this article on what social distancing looked like in the 1600s. I started to read it and decided to read it when I can actually read it.

If you want to play bingo via Zoom or FaceTime here is the bingo generator we used to include our college and adult children and friends. It was a great group and a fun night.

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    1. We had a great time with Bingo! Puzzles too, but a little slower.
      We just finished Ozarks! laura

  1. Laura,
    Thanks so much for mentioning my Blog posts!! I will give you a Shout Out on face book and will also do so in my next post!! Thanks again! I really appreciate it!!

    1. Absolutely Debbie! Thank you too! I appreciate it too! I have a post tomorrow on how to build a blog community! xo laura

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