Happy Saturday morning. It is chilly in morning in Colorado. Yesterday was Veteran’s Day. For several years I have stepped out of my comfort zone to approach veterans (identified by their baseball hats, service caps, or jackets) to thank them for their service.

It is my small gesture and it always generates a warm response.

So please please thank a veteran every time you get a chance. Spread kindness.

We also make a monthly donation to this nonprofit.

In other news, our Friday morning started with my husband informing me we had a problem. I apologized for my snarky comments from the day before. No, not us, but our water heater. he explained.

Apparently, our water heater gave out after twenty years, three teenagers, four dogs, 700 loads of laundry and as many dishwasher cycles.

So no shower status was in effect until our plumber could get to our house. We canceled our dinner plans with friends at our house after I explained to my husband we needed hot water to wash the fully loaded dishwasher and to shower. I think he considered a cold shower and paper plates.

Moving along…


  • If you enjoy a dry sense of humor I recommend the short book, Dear Committee Members by Julie Schumaker.I met the author at the Erma Bombeck Writers’ Workshop. The books is about a college professor tasked (asked) to write dozens of LOR (letters of recommendation) over the course of an academic year.
  • I ordered this jacket at Evereve and love it. It dresses up denim or leggings. True to size.
  • Have you watched Derry Girls on Netflix?
  • Here is a fun recipe for a twist on stuffing.
  • Carol shared these pumpkin recipe ideas.
  • I made a ten-second video for my real estate firm’s hiring campaign last week. Since I was dressed up and had a good hair day I made a video for my newsletter sign-up campaign.
  • Scroll to the bottom for my newsletter campaign video on my youtube channel.


Daylight Savings Hacks for Winter

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  1. Hi Laura,
    I love that jacket and it looks warm as well as dressing-up jeans.
    Oh, the joys of homeownership, right? Water heaters never give any sign before they’re gone. I hope your plumber gets there soon.
    Have a good weekend. I’m ramping up around here since my oldest son, lovely DIL and 2 grandchildren are arriving Tuesday. I can’t wait.
    Karen B.

  2. Tricia M Becker says:

    1. This was hilarious!
    2. The jacket, which I really like, brings back the 1990s/college years. I’ve seen a lot of houndstooth, too.
    3. Those pumpkin rolls are so cute!!!
    4. Is the military charity the one Rod’s friend is part of? You guys are so generous in so many different ways.
    Great post!

    1. This is the USO and it is just a small monthly donation! Never even miss the money! Kinda like my Acorns account.

  3. I love that jacket! You’re lucky the water heater lasted 20 years! That’s amazing!! I love Derry Girls but haven’t watched the new season. We just finished Bad Sisters on Apple and it was SO good!

  4. Hi Laura

    I’m sorry to hear about your water heater. When we moved into our house 10 years ago the inspector told us to “keep an eye on the water heater” as it looked old, so I think we may have to be proactive and replace ours before it fails.

    We really enjoyed Derry Girls! Another short series we liked was “From Scratch” but make sure you have tissues available if you watch it as it becomes heart-wrenching. It is based on a true story. Now we are watching The Crown.

    Love your houndstooth patterned jacket!!


  5. Laura,
    Thanks so much for stopping by and for your kind and encouraging words about my weight loss…It is not easy but I do feel so much better….I can’t believe your water heater lasted 20 years…Ours goes about every 6-7 years….We do have hard water which does wear down water heaters….I hope you are having a good week!!

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