Hello everyone, We attended the funeral of our future SIL’s father. Both of Ken’s children talked about their father at the service. There was not a dry eye or tissue at the memorial. My husband and I talked in the car as we lined up for the procession to the cemetery grounds.

There were so many people in attendance to honor a man that touched so many family, friends, neighbors and the greater community of Dublin Ohio. I sat next to a young woman who was visibly upset and asked her how she knew Ken and his family and she said they were neighbors. When I told her about our relationship with the family she squeezed my wrist. She could not talk.

As my husband and I sat in our rental car, under a beautiful sun-filled afternoon, with a line of cars stretching blocks beyond our rearview mirror, my husband asked.

“Did I do enough with our kids?” I confided I was thinking the same thing. I was also thinking I would have 1 /10th of the friends and family that were there to honor Daniels’ dad.

I remember I included notes in their lunchbox. But mine were reminders to clean out their lockers before the weekend.

Does that count?

Did I unwind with my kids at the end of the night? I remember quizzing my kids during bath time on spelling words.

And skipping the pages to get through Goodnight Moon or Today I Feel Silly.

My daughter reminds me of the peanut butter and jelly sandwiches I made on Sunday nights and packed at least until that Wednesday.

Did I listen? Did I give too much advice or not enough? Did I enjoy the everyday moments?


My future SIL is an amazing young man and we all see his dad in both him and his younger sister. Something tells me their dad will send them Godwinks to remind them he will always be watching over them and their mom. Tears to Cheers!


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  1. Andrea Nine says:

    What a beautiful post Laura! So sorry for the loss and what a touching life he has. Blessing to you this weekend!

  2. Oh, Laura,
    I almost cried at your description of your future SIL’s father’s funeral. I believe our children remember different things than we might. Some of my son’s memories of their dad surprised me. They were good but the deeds we do as parents may not hold the same imporatance to our children. An example for me was the years of coaching my husband dedicated time to for both kids’ baseball teams during their Little League days, the boys didn’t mention that.
    I’d say that your daughter was raised well if she selected such a respectful future husband. 😊
    Karen B.

  3. It sounds like a beautiful heartfelt funeral for your future son-in-law’s father. All we can hope for when our time comes is that we will be always remembered with love and that those memories will bring joy. May he rest in peace.

    1. Thank you Pat! I am so glad we attended! Did you wake up to snow this morning? xo laura

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