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How are you? I hosted our year end tennis party this week. We covered books, podcasts and bunions. Yep, that’s when you know you are at a new stage called the empty nest. But one of the benefits of an empty nest is travel that does not require a lazy river at the hotel or sharing a 1 oz bottle of shampoo with three kids.

Empty nesters can travel with a carry-on and a handbag.

I thought I would share a little of our summer in a review. My friend, Katie, who blogs over at Preppy Empty Nester (and has the best book, movie and television reviews) asked for a Cape Cod recap.

So I am sharing summer fun!


We started the season off with an engagement. Our daughter got engaged to an amazing young man.

God bless him!

They are so cute together. We knew it was true love when Daniel offered to swing by her condo, pick up and return a rug to Crate & Barrel because Ashley was too overwhelmed with work. It was a funnier story when Dan 2.0 retold it, but I think I knew then.

Oh, and Daniel (Dan 2.0 around our house) got his pilot’s license.


My youngest had a summer internship in Dallas which gave me the opportunity to meet one of my favorite people, who until this summer I had not met in person. We caught up like we had been friends for years. Some people just make it easy.

We had lunch at the Honor Bar in Dallas and ran into Mark Cuban. He is remarkably casual which I guess billionaire status provides. I regretted wearing white denim and flip-flops.

Oh and Katie graciously offered to assist in the event Evan needed any mom help.

While in a nearby neighborhood my son and I found one of the childhood homes of my father-in-law.I just realized something about this photo. I wonder if my kids or family will notice it.


We made a quick trip to see our middle (my lefty) who lives in St. Paul, MN.

We found out that nothing stays open past 8pm in Two Harbors. But it is a beautiful place. We had Betty’s pies and hiked two state parks.

We stayed in a cute Airbnb and watched this documentary So good! It makes you cheer for the non-athletes of the world that accomplish amazing things because they loved to dive.

Emma is Erich’s girlfriend. . She is the one who recommended this sunscreen . It took me a good week to like it. Now I love it!


The week our youngins’ left for college and we caught a flight to Boston for our second annual couples trip to the northeast.

Last year we were on a lobster boat. This is my favorite photo of all of us from that trip!

This year we headed to Boston and stayed a night at the Intercontinental where we enjoyed sitting on the lawn talking to our Dublin-based servers. I do love an Irish accent.

We were dragging the next morning but our fearless leader, Suzanne, got us to Costco on the way to our Airbnb in Chatham.

Our Airbnb was on the water and let’s just say you can Google the neighbor who was in the city council minutes for extreme hoarding behavior and unsafe living conditions.

Here is the back of the house. we stayed in for the trip.

Here’s our view at the end of the day.


This year we planned several excursions. We took a 45-minute ferry ride to Martha’s Vineyard. We did a van tour of the island which we decided was too long, and too hot and the guide’s voice did not carry to the back of the van.

We did a whale watch excursion in Provincetown and had lunch at a super cute restaurant.

Our friend Michelle found out the Beach Boys had a concert in Hyannis. After we caught a glimpse of this house

we partied with the other empty nesters before the concert.


Our last trip was to Seattle to visit close friends from our days in Westerville Ohio. There is nothing better than slipping back into conversations, stories and laughs with dear friends.


Here is what I loved on our summer travel.

  • this tinted moisturizer
  • This side button sweater arrived. It is more of a burnt orange than a bright orange.
  • I ordered this garland strand If you have ever had a pine needle go up your nose while draping it across a mantel, you will appreciate this pine needle garland.


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  1. What a great summer, Sissy! That house in Dallas is adorable! I want to live there.
    And your rental in MA is AMAZING!!! The cottage we have next summer is much more…rustic. I’ll need a list of place to go, see, etc.
    Stop posting the links to J Crew…grrrrrrr.

  2. What fun summer travels. I love Supergoop sunscreen. I use a couple of their products.
    Finally, fall has visited. I’m sure it won’t be with a few more hot days but it’s a promise. I’m thrilled.
    I always enjoy your posts.
    Karen B.

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