Happy New Year! My New Year’s Eve had me at a showing in Colorado’s foothills. I arrived early, opened the house before my potential buyers arrived and decided to move my car to the side driveway to make it easier to exit the property. Well, I was a little too confident with my parking skills…

Happy New Year! My New Year’s Eve had me at a showing in Colorado’s foothills. I arrived early, opened the house before my potential buyers arrived and decided to move my car to the side driveway to make it easier to exit the property. Well, I was a little too confident with my parking skills and the sequence of revers-drive-reverse-drive resulted in my car stuck on the side with the driver’s side tilted a little too much to the edge of a hill (as mountain properties often include).

My buyers arrived and had both a tow strap (Google it) and an engineering degree.

And then the next set of buyers, with their agent, arrived (early) for their scheduled showing. . And together, with two of the buyers and the other agent, got my car righted and away from the edge.

This could have gone sideways (literally) in so many ways. Some agents and their buyers might have walked by citing time constraints, but that was not the case on this chilly, sunny New Year’s Eve morning.

It was a new year’s eve mini miracle.

I sent a proper thank you note to my potential buyers because without a tow strap I would have waited a few hours for a tow service.

I remembered the other buyer’s agent’s first name and the name of his office so I emailed him Monday morning to thank him and his out-of-state buyers.

It made for a memorable showing and renewed my faith that there is more good than bad in our world.

Let’s lean into the good in 2023 (but not on the side of a hill)!



What’s your go-to, easy dinner recipe? Asking for a friend.


  • Check out this declutter list for the new year!
  • My Sunday hacks to make Mondays easier. What do you do to start the week off right?
  • In other news, my retro Smeg coffee pot short-circuited and popped the GFI outlet.
  • I replaced it with this one with a gift card my mom and dad gave me last year.
  • My son and I read the Smeg reviews and laughed at the creative descriptions and collective opinions about this pricey coffee pot.





SHOP NOTES: Loft has a huge sale going on this weekend. Links below. I ordered the bubble sweater for the chilly season between now and April! And I love the green turtleneck. It is the perfect shade of green. I like the open jacket for work days or just to dress it up a little when I run to Kroger! ha! I could probably wear an xs but I prefer a roomier fit! So I would say they fit true to size.

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  1. Tauni Whitley says:

    Happy New Year Laura!!

    Dismal experience with your car … So sorry to hear that!! But sometimes… Those types of encounters turn out some real nice folk! Sounds like this was definitely the case!

    My favorite”quickie” in the kitchen …

    Refrigerator Baked eggs
    Preheat your oven to 400 degrees
    What ever lovely veggies are in your fridge
    Mine usually consist of
    Chop them up
    Lay them in a sprayed or greased baking dish
    A dollop of sour cream on each side
    Some bits of cheese … I like havarti pepper cheese
    And crack two eggs over the top
    Bake it for about 18 to 25 minutes depending on how thick your veggie layer is.
    And you can always dump your veggies in a bowls and nuke em a minute or so til they are soft to speed up the cooking time. Serve it with a croissant or toast and (I Made orange marmalade this week … crazy amount of oranges from Christmas) Yum!
    Kindest Regards,

    1. PRINTED THIS recipe Tauni! Thanks! I could live on veggies and eggs and toast! oh my!

  2. Tricia M Becker says:

    Thank GOD you got a new coffee maker!!! Maybe the old one got tired of making tea and that was its way to protest.
    I love the Valentine’s Day ideas and will hit Amazon for some heart ornaments! Great post!

    1. Thanks sissy! Emailing you shortly!
      I owe you a new gift!

  3. Hi Laura,
    Yikes, your car looks dangerously close to just rolling down the hill. How great that your potential buyers were helpful. When I receive or hear about kind acts it warms my heart. Pay it forward is something I try to remember to do each time I experience something like what happened to you.
    Your list of ways to relieve stress for Monday covers what I do. It’s a great relief to have my list, it takes the stress off my mind and transfers it to paper. Plan ahead, always my favorite motto. 😊
    Have a great week ahead.
    Karen B.

  4. Good to hear everything turned out ok at the showing.
    Our favorite go to meal is puffed pantry. I buy a couple of puff pastry sheets and always have them in my freezer and can be stuffed with just about anything. Chicken, leftovers, vegetables.. anything. And surprisingly the kids always love it.

  5. Hi Laura

    I’m so glad you could be towed out of that predicament by the potential buyers! and second agent and buyers. A similar thing happened to me once when I lived in Brooklyn, NY, and I burned out my transmission trying to rock back ad forth to get my tires to go over the ice they were stuck in. Not fun!

    Your new coffee maker looks very nice and your cinnamon pecan rolls look delicious!

    De-cluttering is a constant battle. I have a lot of toys that my grandchildren have outgrown. Time to find new homes for them!

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