Happy Weekending!

Did anyone watch Claire Dane’s character Carrie Mathison on Homeland? Her character plays a slightly unstable CIA agent. There is a scene where she has an entire wall covered with sticky notes. I paused the show, turned to my husband and said,

“That calms me.”

My head is spinning and my desk is covered in yellow, green, pink, and sky-blue sticky notes.

  • One sticky note says Head Lite which is not a car part it is the brand of tennis racquet.
  • An orange sticky says lemon juice in cursive and the word Aspen. One is a grocery item and the other is a plate at Crate & Barrel.
  • A yellow sticky has “Love is Blind” and I am not sure if that is a book or a movie.
  • A lime green sticky includes t three words: salt reduces humidity.
  • . And a sky blue sticky has the word electrical on it as a reminder to ask a seller about their electrical panel.

I need a wall like Carrie Mathison and if you have not watched Homeland it is one of my favorite espionage, CIA shows ever. And I have always had a crush on Kiefer Sutherland


What does your sticky note, to-do list have on it this week? Please, please share in the comments!


  • We are watching Tehran on Apple. The subtitles and multiple languages are challenging but it presents a perspective of geopolitics that is fascinating.
  • Does anyone have a whole house (attic) fan?
  • One of my favorite Etsy purchases was this set of labels.
  • Show a little love to your garage entry with this sign.

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  1. My sticky note says READ EVERYDAY EDITS!!! One down 24 to go. The Mr. loved Homeland – me not so much. Claire Danes character twitches and tics drove me over the edge. Anywho, I hope your Summer is not nearly as warm as mine has been. The are 3 houses in my ‘hood for sale. You need to buy one so I can cut down on my typing. Hope you’re having a fantabulous weekend, dear friend.

  2. I think reminders on paper are great. They sometimes get away from me then it’s a hassle trying to remember where I put the reminder. I don’t have them on my fridge but sometimes they’re on my counter, in my purse or by my computer. Haha.
    I think it’s better to have the reminders than not. 😉
    Karen B.

  3. Hi Laura
    We liked Homeland a lot! I always feel sad when a series end –it is like losing a friend!
    I tried getting back to Jack Ryan but I kept falling asleep when it was on–it obviously it was not holding my attention. We started watching the new season of Murders in the Building. Meryl Strep is on it this season–she is always so good!
    I do have many sticky notes in a pile by my computer. Most have things I want to remember written on them, like recipes sites I liked or a bag I want to order, or the date of an upcoming Zoom, but I admit I often forget to look at them.

    1. Mine are by my computer and they say the most random things, but I do remember them! laura

  4. We watched a few seasons of Homeland but gave up on it after awhile. I’m not much of a sticky note user. I use my planner, phone and a paper shopping list (old school). I love those pretty labels. We have a similar greeting on our front door!

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