THE WEEKEND EDIT We Have a Squatter Situation

Happy Weekending! What are your plans for the weekend? We plan to recycle the Christmas tree that has been on the side of our house since the second week in January.

We need to cut it down into trash can-size pieces before the squirrels claim squatter rights.

I admit I grew fond of the birds and squirrels running in and out of our pronated Christmas tree. It was cute until the squirrels invited the bunnies and then it turned into a house party in our side yard.

Speaking of squatters guess who is back? Will the woodpecker. He sounds like he is dismantling the front of our house with an electric-powered jackhammer.

There is nothing more unnerving than a woodpecker using our home’s exterior as an old-school pickup place for a future lady friend. It’s like swipe left on our stucco if you need a spring fling.

Need suggestions to get Will out of our penthouse (the highest section of our home).




I have this post on repeat as the sun starts to shine and longer days it’s a great time of year to tweak daily habits. PS I just added a bowl of salad to my cheddar and jalapeno dip. Every piece of lettuce helps.

Shop Notes: The link below takes you to my favorite Amazon finds and what is trending in my closet. I am waiting for the white shirt to arrive. I hope it didn’t get rerouted to my daughter’s address.


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