I am an early-morning kind of girl. I love the stillness in the air when I let Chloe and Elliott out the back door for their morning constitution (Frasier show reference). It is the most peaceful time of day before the to-do lists. emails and text messages interrupt the quiet.

I get the dogs settled with fresh water and breakfast and then I pour that first cup of coffee. I add a little skim milk and cream

And then …

the dogs go bat-nuts crazy because either a coyote, deer, bobcat, or the little guy in the video below wanders into our backyard. This cutie is driving Chloe and Elliott crazy this summer.

I think Elliott (our Berner rescue puppy) thinks he is a bear cub.


So what is your morning routine? Are you an early riser like me or is the hardest part of the day getting out of bed in the morning- like my friend Michelle? You learn these things when you travel together. #wink


It was a fun week with a mix of work and home projects to keep me busy!

  • I get so many compliments on these solar pathway lights. . We added them to a walkway (photos to follow later).
  • A quick read on what Costco reviews on your receipt. It is interesting.
  • I updated my Amazon store with fall blankets + finds you might love too.



  1. Click here
  2. Clogs are back!
  3. Click here Just got these I ordered a petite for slightly fitted look.
  4. I have talked about how much I love this blouse. I I have the blue I may get the rust color.
  5. I get compliments ( I have multiple colors) on this side button collar sweater all the time. I was at a closing and the closer said she had just bought this sweater (I had my navy sweater on with white denim).

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  1. I’m definitely a morning person. Can’t believe you had a bear cub near your house! We get lots of possoms, racoons, and armadillo’s here in Texas, and occasionally a bobcat or coyote. Have a wonderful weekend!

    1. HI Tanya,
      I don’t think I have ever seen a possum or an armadillo. We get the coyotes, deer, bobcats and the bears show up every other year.
      I just want them to stay safe. Thank you! I replied to your comment via email too! laura in colorado

  2. Hi Laura,
    I love your Amazon shop. It’s been way too warm here for September and I hold hope that it won’t last too much longer.
    The Costco receipt article was interesting. I love that store, but I have to be cautious not to buy too much. (Storage issues).
    I bought the side button sweater in the rust for fall. I have a light blue one and I love it. It’s a nice weight.
    I’m a very early riser, always have been. It’s the best time of the day. 🙂
    Karen B.

    1. Thank you Karen for stopping by. I replied to your comment by email! xo laura in colorado

  3. Stop posting all these cute buys! I got the solar yard lights and hope I can now get to the front door without tripping on the steps. I also went down the J. Crew website rabbit hole!
    My morning routine includes dodging Bergen as I get his breakfast ready and giving the dogs their “coffee”, some creamer in their bowls. At first it was funny, but now momma doesn’t get her coffee until they have theirs.

  4. I am not a morning person, Laura. I am definitely a night owl! I worked the night shift as an RN and it suited me perfectly.

    I love everything about autumn and the clothes and blankets you’ve picked out are very pretty!

    It is good your dog barked at the bear cub and scared it away! The bears are really hungry this time of year and homeowners in bear country have to be careful to not allow them to find any food on our property and to scare them away if they wander through. Colorado Parks and Wildlife sadly had to kill 63 bears this summer as they had become habituated to looking for food near where people live and were considered a danger.

    Have a wonderful week!

  5. Mornings are my Jam!! So happy to hear that clogs are back! I wore them all through high school. If I try to wear them now I will probably break a hip! Hope you’re having a great weekend, dear friend.

  6. Love mornings from Nov to April (arizona) for patio time. Best part of my day.

    Bought the Side Button in rust!

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