Happy Weekend! It’s a good thing I found my ring last week because I was ready to separate from my husband when he asked me …

Do you think there is a website for marinade recipes?

Me: you mean a website with marinade recipes? Just to clarify that I heard him correctly.

Him: Yeah.

Me: No, I have never heard of a website for recipes. My snarky side was difficult to suppress when faced with a rhetorical question.

Snarkasm is in my DNA like blue eyes and full eyebrows.

At this point, I am wondering if rhetorical questions are grounds for a separation (with joint custody of the dogs and our adult kids).

I wonder if this is the case for celebrity couples who check the box for irreconcilable differences under the reason for the divorce. Maybe there needs to be a box for rhetorical questions like the Amazon return reasons. Sometimes you need an other box.

Did the spouse just ask one too many in the course of a weekend that just sent the other spouse over the edge?

How can a man who is an amazing husband and father, generous with his time and resources, who is more intelligent today than when I met him in his fifth year of college drive me to thoughts of separation (or maybe just an office outside of the house) drive me to the brink of madness?

If only there was a way to answer his question without telling him to go to…

the world wide web.

So I did what any spouse/partner does after years together. I replied to his question with a question.

Me: I wonder if there is a store where I could buy a bug of mulch and a light switch cover?

Sidenote: My husband was given an advanced copy of this post ;0)

Like this you may enjoy the drama at 2 am story.

QUESTION: What is the silliest argument you have had with a spouse, family member, friend, or significant other?

I know which argument my sister will mention.

Retail therapy helps.I just ordered this bag for the summer. It’s on sale.

These summer sandals priced under $50 from Tuckernuck!



Shop Notes: I love the pillow covers on Etsy. Click below to get to all my favs! You can check out my pillow covers in our family room here.

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  1. My husband bought the wrong green beans for Easter. He just did. 😉

  2. I have a good dose of snarkism in my blood. Maybe that’s why we’re friends?? Hope you’re having a great weekend!

  3. Tricia Becker says:

    FFS, Sissy! Every Saturday morning I spend more money than I need to. I have never checked T-Nuckernut for shoes…I figured I wouldn’t be able to afford them. Let me know if the material is scratchy, because there are some really cute sandles!
    There are so many stupid questions…How many Advil do I take? That annoys me to no end. Last time I told him 20. Problem solved.
    I tried the link to your pillow place, but it’s linked to your swivel chairs.
    What were you doing on the Chico website?

  4. Oh My! Your question could open Pandora’s box….lol I’ve been married 49 years in October, so there have been many silly arguments between me and my husband and our children, over the years.

    We also love Ted Lasso! The J Crew bag is cute!

  5. Hi Laura,
    Haha, it was always the little arguments that made me crazy. Men simply don’t mind taking the counter point to an issue. Ha.
    All in all, that’s just the nature of a happy marriage. Actually, any relationship can have those little hiccups that make you wonder “what was I thinking?”
    Have a wonderful weekend.
    Karen B.

    1. thank you karen! Give Bentley a hug from Colorado

  6. Dearest Laura,
    First … I F E E L your pain!! OMGOSH that was hysterical! Being married to a “brilliant ” mind is not always so easy! I too am married to one. The fact he still sucks air In and out after some of the silliest questions the past 27 years is a miracle in itself🤨
    Here we go … Dan, “Hey dear, where’s the remote?” Me in the kitchen up to my elbows canning far away … “How would I know? I haven’t seen it … sorry!” Dan, “but I’m sure you had it last!” Me getting perturbed and just for a split second thinking how much jail time for a “rolling pin murder”? … “Daniel I haven’t watched TV in several days! It’s veggie week, remember!??” … Dan, “but you always know where everything is!” … Me, “Oh gosh thanks for the vote of perfection but I still have no idea where it is! I would strongly recommend getting up and looking for it!!!!!” I hear nothing from him again other than unreconizeable mumbling to himself. A few minutes later I hear, “Found it!!! It was waaaay on the other side of the room!” Under his breath I hear, “I guess that’s why they call it a remote … ALWAYS in a “remote” location.” I musta giggled half a dang hour!!
    On to another topic … I LOVE the “Gather” wreath!!! Just lovely!!
    Kindest Regards,

  7. All of our arguments are about stupid stuff.
    The Diplomat is on the list.. I am currently watching The Marvelous Mrs Maisel and waiting on more episodes of others shows to collect so I can binge them. Netflix has ruined us all.
    Though I am a little disappointed in this season of Ted Lasso.

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