Happy Weekend! It is sunny skies but chilly temps in Colorado. My week started when I stopped (get it) at the LOFT (the store). The sun was shining, and my car sparkled after a $10 car wash. I was ready for a productive, but busy week.

As I approached the LOFT’s entrance I saw undressed mannequins behind the glass entry doors. Slightly unsettled, given the cold temps, my first thought was they (the mannequins) must be freezing. As I leaned in to read the printed announcement taped to the window I realized the store had closed and relocated to an existing LOFT location nine minutes away.

Yes, this is a first-world problem. This store closure changes my weekend errand route completely. But you know what is more unsettling?

This has the makings of a Progressive commercial.




I have three maybe four of these side button sweaters. I would describe them as dressier sweatshirts. I get so many compliments. The colors are seasonal. I wear them with jeans or shorts if it’s a chilly evening. On sale most of the time and true to size.

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  1. Tricia Becker says:

    I LOVE that floral arrangement and colors! Where did you get that blue?
    I can’t tell how big the vase is, but is it a tennis ball container (would make sense for you guys)? Too tall for your Folgers coffee can. One of those super thick cardboard cylinders?

  2. Hi Laura!! Thanks so much for the lovely comment you left of my site. I love making new friends!! I think we would get along great, because I laugh at those Progressive commercials all the time. My husband is totally that guy in the elevator! Hoping to see you on one of the Creator calls, so we can say hello “in person”! Happy Weekend!!

  3. My daughter has had to visit our local Loft store a few times this week as an online order she made came totally wrong–wrong size and colors for what she ordered, It was a hassle, and she was so surprised as she never had that problem before, so, hopefully, The Loft does not have an employee or financial difficulties. So many businesses seem to be closing stores these days–I happened to see on Facebook today that many American stores that opened in Canada are also closing due to low sales.

    Love your blue vase! What did you repurpose?

  4. Hi Laura,
    I can’t believe it’s March, so I believe you that it will be Thanksgiving (or at least we’ll be made to believe it is) before we know it. The darling picture of your Bernese Mt. Dog warmed my heart. I have a Bernedoodle puppy arriving later this week. I’m beyond excited. Yes, I know there will be hard training work ahead, but I believe it will be worth it.
    Have a great weekend.
    Oh, and on the Loft moving…I was sad to learn all Bed Bath and Beyond stores are closing. Bummer.
    Karen B.

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