Happy Weekending! Summer finally showed up in the Denver metro area. We celebrated with our AC running around the clock and Chloe and Elliott choosing to live on the lower level with no interest in potty breaks. It was as if we had two teenagers binging South Park (for the first time) into the early morning hours. Until…

we wake up to start the day with a fresh pot of coffee and quiet. And then we recognize that scent in the air like a dirty diaper you hope your spouse reacts to first.

For me, the cleanup is a gag-inducing response that only makes the situation worse. Bless their little hearts that they did not bother to wake us to let us know they needed to go outside.

Now, that the novelty of late nights in a chilled lower-level space has worn off I need suggestions for an industrial-strength carpet cleaner. It’s like having two puppies back in the house without puppy gates. This fern acted as a gate/scare tactic for Elliott and Chloe.

The good news is, with your help, I think this plant is basil.


Have you tried home delivery for groceries? Here is a $20 off code for Walmart’s online grocery delivery. I am using it for my bulk items, pantry staples and cleaning supplies.

What are you watching or reading? I finished What Alice Forgot for my book club (ahead of schedule).

What are your plans for the weekend?

Don’t forget I need a recommendation for a pet-strength carpet cleaner. Of course, one of them had an accident on my favorite rug!

What was your biggest score during Amazon’s Prime Day? I shared my Amazon Prime favs.


  • The second season of Bear on Hulu is better than Season 1.
  • I have these readers on reorder because I don’t want to ask a stranger the price on the bottom of a Homegoods pumpkin spice candle (or pay $13.95 for one pair at Target).
  • It turns out Mom was right about this potential threat during a thunderstorm.
  • I made this PF Changs copycat recipe. I plan to double the batch next time.
  • Finally, please check out my money-saving tip below. I updated the original post when I realized I had a credit of over $100 I plan to use at Homegoods this fall.


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  1. Laura, in May about two weeks after our brand new 100% wool rug was delivered, Nola, who has been fully house trained since she was 6 months old decided to christen the new rug. Over about 4 days she peed 4 times on it. Fortunately, all in one area on one side of the rug. I had just bought a “absolutely will remove all pet stains” cleaner. Several applications and there was still some spots. I ended up calling the carpet cleaners who $250 dollars later did get all the stain out. He told me to never use over the counter cleaners. Warm water and rags to start. Just thought I’d let you know. PS. Nola hasn’t had another accident since.

  2. Happy Sunday, Laura,
    You have my sympathy for the whole “dog accident” issue. I bounced around on cleaning products designed for dog accidents with my puppy, Bentley. They all worked about the same. But I always wiped up any residual stains with Lysol Antibacterial wipes. That seemed to remove any lingering stain and then I’d spray Nature’s Remedy. That product neutralizes any odor. Elliott and Chole look sincere in their apology. Haha.

  3. Hey friend… I never heard that about taking a shower in a storm. I was up all night on Fri nite with Millie wanting to go out every hour on the hour. She takes after my kids and only gets sick on weekends. It turns out she has a bladder infection. shocker! I know that smell – the one that is attached to a very messy clean up. It is usually accompanied by the theme of Jaws as I am searching for the culprit. I am reading The Wishing Game, which I love and listening to The Beach at Summerly, which is also a great read. That’s a great price on those readers! Have a great week, buddy.

    1. Thanks sweetie. Reserved both books. just emailed you! xo laura

  4. I agree about Bear.
    I am currently binging The Lincoln Lawyer on Netflix.
    Mmm those lettuce wraps look really good.

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