Good morning! We had a week of rain showers in Colorado and were grateful for the moisture so waking up to the news about Kentucky is heartbreaking.

Please support the many small businesses like this one. I love these faux floral guys!

And they have a sale going on for Christmas garlands and stems!

My husband and I watched these guys play the other morning.

How many cubs do you see in this image? Click the link above for the 45-second video!


This is the last weekend in July. Can you believe it? What are your plans for the month of August? I bought peaches and made a few of these peach recipes.

I forgot how much I loved peaches. And when the juice just runs down my arm! So yummy!

Do you have a favorite peach recipe? I have a new one below! Let me know if it tastes good with alcohol.

My goal this month is to organize closets and basement storage.

Sometimes I feel like a squirrel jumping from one pile to another. But you know what gets me motivated to clean, organize and do yard work?


I am not new to podcasts, but with three adulting children, I found podcasts are great for road trips and awkward silence.

If you are new to Podcasts it can be overwhelming so I suggest starting with topics you like. My son and I love true crime. My sister and I love celebrity interviews.

I don’t pay for any subscription service (yet). As long as there are free haunted house podcasts and midwest mysteries I do not mind skipping through the ads.

If you have a favorite will you share it in the comments for others to read? Or email me and I will share a podcast list later. I


It was a fun week with a mix of work and home projects to keep me busy!

  • I ordered these booties for fall. Love them. Fit true to size.
  • This blouse is perfect for a happy hour or brief office day. It’s under $20.00
  • Have you heard of this product? It’s in my Amazon cart. I have a funny story about it! I bet my 20 + year old nieces and daughter are rolling their eyes. Or are they?… dun dun dun (true crime podcast voice).
  • Okay on to these posts you may have missed!


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  1. Laura,
    Thanks so much for stopping by!! I have been doing the stationary bike for over 8 years…when my orthopedic surgeon told me a needed a knee replacement, he also told me that doing up to 30 minutes a day on a stationary bike would help hold off the surgery…I initially lost 50 pounds and held the surgery off for 6 1/2 years…Now after the surgery, i do the bike to keep the operative knee limber and to prevent needing a replacement on the other knee…weight loss is a major issue because of my Hashimoto’s thy rioditis and my extremely slow metabolism which dieticians I have consulted with say i am in starvation mode. so I walk our grand pups 5 days a week, do 4-5 miles on the bike 5 days a week, do 50 chair sit ups daily ( I had major surgery to repair 4 abdominal hernias and have a mesh system in so I can not do regular sit ups), and arm exercises with weights to help my back…I have lost about 15 pounds since the beginning of June but it is such a struggle because of my medical issues which make it so hard to lose weight…But I am trying and will continue as it is more about being healthy for me!! Thanks for your interest!!

  2. Tricia Becker says:

    Smartless, Conan Needs a Friend, Fly on the Wall and my cheesey 90210 podcase with Tori and Jeni!
    Language lovers-History of English podcast

  3. Hi Laura!
    Those 3 bear cubs are adorable–when watched from the safety of one’s home–lol! The year we moved to Colorado from NYC we often walked on a neighborhood trail and one afternoon a bicycle rider told us “watch out for the bears in the tree” We looked up and there was a mother bear and 3 cubs all sleeping in a tree! As a city person, I never thought that bears climbed up trees to sleep, and since then I have been careful always to look up on trails.

    I also love Palisade peaches! So juicy and good!

    Have a wonderful week!

  4. Hi Laura,
    The cubs are adorable. I love podcasts. The Sunday Today interviews by Willie Geist are my favorites, along with a new one I’ve just started to listen to. Casual Business. They interviewed Bobby Flay. I’ve listened to a few of the Hoda Kotb interviews as well. All free. I’m not sure I’d like real crime but let me know if there are some celebrity interview stations you find worthwhile. I’m also an Audible subscriber and love driving while listening to an enjoyable book. 🙂
    I’m a huge fan of all things Supergoop! I’m a red head who has never found a sunscreen that didn’t make me feel greasy until Supergoop. I use “every single day moisturizer” and un-seen sunscreen as well. It’s a little pricey but if you sign up for emails, they offer free shipping sometimes and samples with the product you order.
    Sorry, this is so lengthy. I love your weekend edit.
    Karen B.

    1. Thank you, Karen! I’ll email you! I forgot about Willie Geist. I do love his interviews! I’ll have to check out Casual Business and Hoda!

  5. Smartless is a favorite. We just started In The Dark too. My Favorite Murder is a popular one with my adult children but I had to give it up. We loved Last Seen, Sh*t Town, Queen of The Con & The Drop Out
    I love peaches!
    How cute are those cubs! We see deer moms and babies and foxes but never bears. I guess that’s a good thing but boy are they cute!
    I use that sunscreen. It lasts a long time even though it’s pricey. You know I’ve been trying the TJ’s unseen version which is a little oily-er.

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