Um, Where is my Ring?

Happy Weekending! I may not have used the words OH NO when I realized my wedding ring was not on my second from the left finger Thursday afternoon.

One of the perks of being a real estate agent is sometimes I inherit things when my sellers don’t have room on their moving truck for the non-essentials.

My friend (and seller) was thrilled when I offered to take her elevated garden planter sitting on the side of her house. She knows my struggle to grow produce is real.

My son and I hauled the planter onto our deck. A few days later I filled the planter with dirt from last year’s Costco planters. It was a typical Colorado spring afternoon with sunshine, chilly temps and wind.

To save time as the sun neared the mountain ranges, I scooped the dirt from one planter to a smaller planter. It was easier to transport the smaller planter to the deck. I used my hands because it was a small job and did not want to get distracted by a search for a garden shovel.

After ten minutes of filling and dumping dirt, I realized my wedding ring was missing- not my fake ring, but the real one.

Oh no!

Except I used more colorful language. I searched the dirt-filled garden box and the two planters.

To shorten this story – I found my wedding ring but not before dumping all of the dirt from both planters onto our flagstone patio and began to spread the dirt out like a brownie mix into a baking dish.


Have you ever lost something valuable sentimental or monetary (not including a 401k)?


  • It was a busy week with a few projects to check out below.
  • I ordered this outdoor wreath for our side yard gate.


clean up the side yard

We love these easy- to “install” solar pathway lights! They are not as pretty as landscape lights, but they are perfect for side yards and paths.

Find them below or in my Amazon store here.


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  1. Hi Laura,
    Oh my gosh, I had to smile at the lost ring, especially the part where you had to dump both planters to find it. That happened to me once. All the work getting a planter ready and then having to start over! I’m sure you will wear garden gloves next time?!
    I bought a wreath similar to your recent purchase. I love it because it doesn’t fade. I make it summer seasonal with a gingham bow and a metal bee, that hangs in the center.
    Have a wonderful weekend.
    Karen B.

  2. My hubs upgraded my wedding ring on our 18th wedding anniversay, I have lost it 3 times since and found it 3 times, each time I panicked, first time in a file in my home office, second time wedged between my desk and file cabinet and recently my son found it in our breadbasket. I have been extremely lucky.

  3. Tauni Whitley says:

    Dearest Laura,
    How excruciating it is to think that a symbol of love could be lost in the dirt forever! My husband and I took a trip around our County Seat which we often did back then, just to discover things we didn’t know were there. We stopped at a park to take a break and have some lunch, I put everything away and sitting on the side of the seat in the front of the car I took my rings off and laid them on the armrest of the car door to put some hand lotion on. My husband distracted me with a question, and I close the door and we left. It only took me 3 minutes to realize I wasn’t wearing my rings and I couldn’t honestly remember where I had left them so about 15 miles down the road we had to turn around and go back. We combed the where we had gotten out and walked and suddenly I remembered putting hand lotion on. So we drove back to the spot where we had parked and there they were in a pile on the ground! I don’t think I’ve ever been so relieved in my whole life till that very moment! So I totally understand your pain!
    Kindest Regards,

    1. Oh my gosh Tauni that is a crazy story with the perfect ending! Thanks for sharing! xo laura

  4. I’m glad you realized that your wedding ring fell off and you were able to find it in the potting soil. Years ago the diamond fell out of my engagement ring. I was so disheartened! My children were young and helped me search all over our house looking for it and thankfully, after many hours searching, I found it on the bottom of the kitchen sink dish drainer. I had it re-set into a new band and I made sure the jeweler mounted it more securely.

    We had snow today–about 3 inches! Most melted from the road and sidewalk but my trees and lawns were covered. It has been a cool spring.

  5. First of all, I’m so glad you found your ring, phew! That can be scary. I’m glad your story had a happy ending…but so funny, because way back in 2017 I wrote a post about how I don’t often wear my rings and the comments I get from people. I don’t know why, but this weekend, I found the post and sent it out into the world again, with lots of comments…must be a “ring” weekend!!
    Also, thanks for the visit!! I’m sorry you had to listen to me ramble on that call. I guess I had a lot to share, especially about AI. Can you tell I’m not a fan? 😉 I hope the rest of your weekend is wonderful!

  6. Oh thank you you were able to find your ring. I too have started buying my hand soap in bulk.

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