Happy Weekend

Hi Everyone! It’s the weekend before Thanksgiving and I am making lists and menus. But do you know what is my biggest first-world problem right this minute? When to schedule my mani/Pedi. Do not judge me. We all have our vices and mine is a fresh mani/Pedi before big holidays, after my tennis season and the weeks in between.

The struggle is real as I need to get lights up on the deck and front porch. I do not want to chip a fresh manicure from a wayward light strand. What is your first-world problem dilemma this weekend? This is a judgment-free zone. Share in the comments or via email! I read them all!



  • I We are watching The Morning Show on Apple and love it.
  • I tried to watch this Christmas movie on Netflix and stopped after four minutes.
  • But, I really enjoyed this Christmas movie on Netflix.
  • I love this podcast. Heather (the host) most recently played the best friend in Love Hard. She went to Ole-Miss, was a DG and is a comic and actress. She is a little snarky and sweet & I love to walk while I listen to her podcast. I started with episode 1 from 2019. The name of the Podcast is ABSOLUTELY NOT. She has a bit of a potty mouth so no kids or grandkids if you like to listen through your car stereo.
  • In other news my friend Cici found me a turkey at Costco! Woohoo! I wonder if she would bake it for me?
  • Sidenote: Do you bake a turkey or cook a turkey? I want to sound like I know how to cook.
  • Do you have a millenial in your life? My blog friend Katie’s daughter created a millenial gift guide. I forwarded it to my daughter to prompt her for her Christmas list.
  • Totally off topic, but what is your horoscope? Any Virgos reading this? My dad and sister are also virgos. All we do is make lists.
  • I just ordered this from Amazon for my coffee or tea. I’ll let you know how it works. I have alot of cords around my desk so that’s my only concern.
  • Don’t forget tell me your sign (if you are into horoscope)s and your first world problem this weekend)!
  • Let’sgo!







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What are your plans for the weekend? Remember what’s your sign and what’s your first world problem this weekend? Happy Thanksgiving.

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  1. Good morning, my friend! I am an Aquarius. We go with the flow, so to speak, and like ankle rubs – which are particularly nice during a mani/ pedi. 😉

    My first world problem of the day is deciding whether it’s ok that my new Swig mug overflows at the 12 oz level (when brewing the Keurig) and floods the lid. Do I have to capitulate and brew at the 10 oz level? I’m leaning towards the 12 oz overflow and slurping the excess off the lid. 🙌🏻

    Good luck with those lights!

    Ps. Thanks for the millennial gift guide. Two things: Sam’s Club has an excellent Barefoot Dreams throw knockoff for $30. Also, the hydration sticks would be a good gift for senior citizens, too.

    1. I love reading everyone’s first world problems! I need to Google Rod’s sign and see if that explains a few things!
      xo laura

  2. Tauni Whitley says:

    Good early morning Laura,
    I am an Aquarius … with a bit of a Capricorn cusp! Lists!!!? Oh … let me tell ya!! Hahahaha! … they NEVER end for me!! On my tombstone it will say, “Oh crap! … well … that didn’t work … Where’s ma list??!”
    Your world problem is getting a “Mani”?? … My world problem … yesterday … getting all the blue stuff off of my face after a facial before the UPS guy arrives! And he is cute as a bug! Scrub scrub scrub!
    I love your site! I am from Colorado but live in Arkansas and I miss home 💕

    1. Love this Tauni! You crack me up and yes my tombstone will say the same thing! That’s hilarious! xo from one Colorado girl to another! laura

  3. Tricia M Becker says:

    First world conundrum….how to pack my sister’s Winter Balsam candles and remembering not to hurl them into the overhead bin on the plane. Another one…should I bring my own coffee to my sister’s house?

  4. I’m a Libra and a list maker too. I can relate about the mani/pedi and desperately need one but don’t know if I’ll get one before Thanksgiving, I’ve been doing a lot of decorating too. I loved LoveHard..have not seen the Dolly one. What made you stop after 4 minutes? I will check out the gift guide. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. I’m glad you got your turkey.

    1. Hi Heather, I forwarded the gift guide to my daughter! Do you follow Katie at PReppy Empty Nester? It’s her daughter who created the gift guide!
      Happy Thanksgiving! xo

  5. Hello, dear friend! Thanks for the shout-out! I am flattered. I cannot look at a bundt cake without thinking of My Big Fat Greek Wedding. I loved that movie. I think that coffee warmer can also be used for candles. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! xx

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