Happy Weekending! It is my sister’s birthday today. I know this because I always use her birth date as mine except for financial, medical and most legal-ish documents.

Somewhere the bots think we are twins. Happy Birthday Sissy! I love you so much!

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Speaking of bots, this summer my buyers’ home searches and seller listings had me in Denver almost every day.

Living in the suburbs I forgot about the one-way streets and stop signs every other block. Thank goodness for my Google Maps app.

This got me thinking about how AI (artificial intelligence) technology could assist drivers like me. Remember when this store moved locations? I had to reroute my errand route because of this move.

Maybe as we rely on apps to get us places the Google Maps personal assistant will cruise director will:

Be more encouraging: Okay, Laura we know you missed this exit last week, but it is a new day.

Or, Laura we are rerouting you because you missed the street we prepped you for in the last three reminders in 1/8 mile increments.

Or, okay Laura you need to stop singing the Book of Mormon soundtrack and focus on this two-lane-only exit that merges into one lane on the left side of the street.

With all of the AI (artificial intelligence), it is only a matter of time before I have a snarky traffic consultant in my car. Maybe when I get to my destination and put the car in park. She might end the trip with a reminder to

Just turn it off like a light switch (Book of Mormon musical reference).


What would your driving assistant advise you while you are running errands?

Or what would be your theme song when you arrived at your destination? Don’t Google songs with a driving theme.

  1. We made it through the rain
  2. I’m on the Highway to Hell

Share your stories! They are fun for all of us to read!


Okay, I must start with these Pottery Barn clearance finds!

This repurposed potting bench is different than the potting bench I found in my neighbor’s yard. It was 2020 I was nesting. In 2023 I am repurposing.

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  1. Happy Birthday to your sister!

    How is the home/condo/etc sale market in Denver? I’m seeing lots of construction whenever I’m in the city

    I think my driving prompt song would be John Denver’s “Country Roads” as that is when I am the happiest–driving along a scenic byway that is new to me or one that I love. My husband and I have traveled over quite a few scenic byways in Colorado.

    1. Love that song Country Roads! Adding to the list! I’ll email about the market. Yes, the lack of house has construction going on everywhere. A popular, but dated tennis club near DTC is being demolished to build apartments!

  2. Hi Laura,
    In the photo you showed of you and your sister, you do look like twins. Happy B-day to your sister!
    I switched my Alexa to Alec, a British voice that is sometimes entertaining in his mis-pronunciation of street names. I used to imagine when I’d reroute on purpose that my Brit guy would be thinking, “you foolish woman, I just told you the correct turn and you ignored me!” Haha
    Have a fun weekend.
    Karen B.

    1. Does anyone know if Google Maps lets you change the accent. Maybe a Matthew McConaughey …. alrigh, alright, alright laura

  3. I’m the worst with directions even with GPS. I’m always second guessing it! How am I supposed to know what 450FT is when driving?!! I would love an encouraging GPS!!

    Happy Birthday to your sissy! You do look like twinnies. I just started season 3 of Only Murders. I have those pillow covers in cream and I might have them in that pumpkin color too. I hope you get the mirror from the kids. I need to check out that arm workout!

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