Happy Weekending! What plans do you have for the long weekend? According to Pinterest and Instagram, it is now acceptable to add pumpkins to our front porches or kitchen counters.

Our daughter’s wedding is in less than a week. Some (one) of us is a little tightly wound this weekend with last-minute to-do lists and reminders.

I just about lost my blank when my husband leaned the cutting board against the kitchen backsplash “to dry.” Just commit to a towel, dry both sides and put it in the designated cutting board drawer.

My family may use a different interpretation or tense for the same word for what to do with me.

I loved your responses to last week’s questions! Pat’s “Country Roads” was perfect. Send me your favorite driving theme songs I am going to create a playlist!


When do you haul out the fall decor?


  • We started Painkillers on Netflix.
  • If you have not watched The Pharmacist it is a documentary about the opioid epidemic.
  • Happy Labor Day in its 141st year when it was marked as a federal holiday in NYC.
  • My blog friend Heather suggested this book . Timely title. I am almost done with it.
  • I made these tacos with Tilapia! So yummy! This recipe will be on repeat.
  • I re-shared one of my first blog posts this week.
  • Scroll below for this week’s tip!
  • My favorite preppy empty nester is back on her blog next week after a summer hiatus.
  • Katie has great recommendations for books and television shows.
  • have a fun new shopping cart below. If you purchase something I may make a few cents at no additional cost to you. My blog, Everyday Edits, was selected as part of a beta program which is a fancy word for a practice site.




RECIPE NOTES: I love these Spinach tots! The ingredients are simple and they make a great appetizer or I have them for dinner when it’s a “fend for yourself” night.


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  1. Congrats on your baby girls wedding. This time next week, the craziness will be over and back to normal.

    1. I don’t want to wish this week away, but I did wakeup this morning thinking a week from today ….

  2. I have a hard time putting the brakes on decorating for fall as of September 1st. I try to add just a few nods to the season, but I love this time of year, especially once the weather cools so I add a few things when the mood strikes (everyday) until the season officially begins.
    Enjoy this coming week and try to keep every little detail in your memory bank. I know the wedding will be beautiful. Congratulations.
    Karen B.

  3. Congrats on being a beta site for an Amazon store! Best of luck with it.

    I love all things fall but I am trying hard not to buy any more decorative items and just use what I have. I keep thinking about needing to downsize one day and that helps me control what I buy, at least most of the time!

    We started watching The Morning Show on Apple TV–Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon are both in it. It has been on a few years but when it began we did not have Apple TV.

    Have a wonderful week ahead… don’t stress over wedding preparation–enjoy!!

    1. Thank you Pat! We love the Morning Show. Waiting for season 3. Yes, I am starting to relax!
      Next year I am buying peaches from your grandson! xo

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