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I hope I made it thru the week. I wrote this a few days before the weekend. I was really dragging Monday afternoon. My husband made the announcement that the Monday after the new year is the longest day of the year.

I guess the summer solstice on June 20th was shorter for him (he’s a Taurus).

Speaking of …


Do you follow your horoscope for fun? Do you think your astrological sign is spot on or off the rails from your personality?

I am always amazed when I meet new people and they immediately guess correctly my sign? What does that say about Virgos? #wink

I finally put the Christmas holidays away. Well, most of it. When you have a live tree you have needles all year long.

We repurposed most of our Christmas pine tree. We trimmed the branches and I used them by the fireplace and front porch. I  put the branches and clippings in simple white buckets outside our kitchen windows. I added a few to our perennials to keep them warm for the winter.


Have you watched the Impostors on Netflix? It’s cute. I like the guy who is the executive producer, Paul Adelstein, and the show has his banter and personality all over the script. He was in California based medical dramedy with the guy from Wings who is now on Madam President(remember that show, Wings)?

Squirrel moment.. sorry.

IF you want to keep up on the best movies and books check out Katie’s monthly post. It’s addictive. I knew I would love Katie when I found her blog via her blog name.

Even my husband weighed in one night, “that is a great blog name.”

I hope you have a great weekend with some time to get outside. This is the calm before the storm for me and real estate.

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  1. Calypso in the Country says:

    I agree with you about Katie’s blog! She’s been one of my favorites for years. She has the best recommendations and I love her humor! Enjoy your weekend!

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